As hunting season gets underway in the Southeast, it’s a good time to review hunting safety guidelines

Summer is drawing to an end and fall is fast approaching. That means hunting season is right around the corner. As hunters of all ages set out into the rural lands of their favorite hunting grounds in search of a monster buck or an elusive gobbler, safety must be first and foremost. Review hunting safety tips below, and then read on for details on the perfect hunting season.

Hunting Season Gun Safety Rules

Safety is no accident, so it’s important to always be mindful that you’re following safety protocols. The most important is to follow firearm safety guidelines. The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources recommends hunters follow the following steps of S.A.F.E.:

  • Secure your firearms when not in use
  • BeAware of those around you who should not have unauthorized access to firearms
  • Focus on your responsibility as a firearm owner
  • Educate yourself and others about safe firearm handling and storage

General Hunting Safety Season Tips

In addition to following gun safety protocols, there are other ways to stay safe when hunting as well. Make sure you:

  • Leave detailed plans with someone about where you’re hunting and when you should be back
  • Be prepared for the weather to turn bad
  • Wear a harness when in a tree stand
  • Know basic first aid and bring a first aid kit
  • Wear at least the mandatory amount of orange safety items when out in the woods

How to have a Perfect Hunting Season in the Southeast

Once safety protocols are understood and followed, it’s time to get out in the woods. Florida’s deer hunting season kicks off in the southernmost zone of the state on July 30th with bows and crossbows. Subsequent zones and various firearm season’s extend throughout The Sunshine State’s hunting season through February 19th, 2017. See Florida’s hunting dates here.

In Georgia, September 10th starts deer archery season. Muzzleloaders are added October 15th and all other firearms begins October 22nd. Find all of Georgia’s hunting season dates.

South Carolina is broken into four distinct zones, and deer season starts son August 15th in the southernmost zone for both archery and firearms. Look at the distinct hunting schedules for South Carolina’s zones here.

Keep in mind that earlier hunting dates and less crowded hunting zones are found on private hunting land. If it’s time to pursue owning your own piece of recreational land Heaven, then look to our Recreational Land Loan Program for detailed information.


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Flickr photo by M01229.