Incorporate delicious foods like beef, chicken, watermelon, and avocado into your Independence Day celebrations.

If you’re like most Americans, you’ll be celebrating Independence Day with family and friends – and likely enjoying a meal together, which will most certainly include foods produced on U.S. farms.

For example, watermelon, grown in melon farm fields across the southeastern U.S. and beyond, is a staple Independence Day farm food. And for good reason: Fresh watermelon slices are full of vitamins and sweet natural juices. However, you’re missing out if you’re only enjoying watermelon by the slice. Consider whipping up Watermelon Punch, or make Watermelon Strawberry-Mint Salsa to go alongside grilled chicken seasoned with jerk spices or marinade. Another way to enjoy this fruit – produced in states like Florida and South Carolina – is on an Open Face Watermelon Sandwich.

Another major South Carolina ag commodity are broiler chickens, and summer is the perfect time to enjoy a farm recipe with lean poultry cooked out on the grill. This recipe also features peaches, a South Carolina favorite, and the state’s peach season runs from late May to late August, so you can savor this dish all summer long.

Looking for more tasty summer dishes? Try a Louisiana Loaded Summer Pepper, which combines six of the Pelican State’s ag commodities. The main ingredient – beef – is one of the top five commodities in the state. Along with beef, ingredients such as shrimp, ham, Creole seasoning, and onions blend to give your average stuffed pepper a Louisiana-flair that will have the whole family jazzed up for dinner.

Also, don’t forget about avocados (they’re a top ag commodity in Florida). Use one large, ripe avocado to create Forrest Pritchard’s Chocolate Avocado Mousse.

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