Every year the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference (FAFMC) presents agribusiness experts explaining risk management strategies that target the unique challenges faced by Florida ag producers.

This August 25th and 26th brings the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference to Orlando, Florida. This premier financial management conference has many aims, but all are focused on the business side of agriculture. Essentially, the conference is meant to offer important financial risk management guidance for ag producers across Florida.

AgAmerica Lending’s Regional Account Manager, Chuck Cruse, is on the board of directors. “Every year the FAFMC board strives to bring in top economists and financial advisors from around the United States who can bring a national perspective to our state’s local economy,” Cruse explains.  “The FAFMC is focused on operations of all sizes and scopes, including beginning farmers with 20 acres in production to well established producers managing over 35,000 acres.  The speakers help growers and producers understand the how, where, and when of financial ag management.”

See a preview of the topics of importance to ag lending below.

Ag Finance Topics at the Financial Management Conference

The conference touches on a wide array of business topics relating to agriculture. A handful of topics relate directly to ag lending.

  • Discussabull . . . Tools for Talking About Tough Issues. Presented by Elaine Froese, a farmer who is both a partner and a parent, this seminar on Thursday, 8/25 at 8 am offers 10 tools for discussing tough issues with farm partners and successors to clarify expectations, agreements, and commitments for the future of the farm.
  • Agricultural Cost-Share and Payment for Environmental Services – Identifying and Seizing the Right Opportunities for Your Business. This presentation on Thursday, 8/25 at 3:45 pm focuses on developing trends in Florida’s state and federal funding programs that are designed to assist ag operations with meeting regulatory requirements and being paid for providing environmental services.The presentation includes a panel of experts in Florida agricultural water quality and supply.
  • The Winds of Change – Managing Your Organization Through Turbulent Times. This session, being held Friday, 8/26 at 9 am, will offer attendees actionable strategies to help producers better manage their individual and business lives while preparing and encouraging farm team members to take a more active role.
  • US Economic Update:  Summer, 2016. Two guest speakers will give a complete overview on Friday, 8/26 at 10:30 am on legislative and regulatory changes that have had an impact on Florida’s ag industry, with the bonus of forecasting new changes on the horizon.

As the land lending specialists, AgAmerica Lending teams attend conventions and meetings like the Florida Ag Financial Management Conference to stay abreast of the issues and challenges faced by the country’s ag industry. It’s our mission to ensure our nation’s farmers and ranchers have the best and most up-to-date information for their financial decisions. We offer our experience and expertise, as well as our suite of custom loan packages that feature low interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit.

Flickr photo by Jarkko Laine