Ohio is a state with great importance in the agriculture industry. For one, Ohio is a gateway to the Midwest, offering an array of commodities that mark characteristic ag products from the region. Additionally, as part of the Great Lakes Region, Ohio is at a crossroads of transportation and commerce in the U.S. Explore the diverse ag offerings of the Buckeye state below.

Ohio Agriculture at a Glance

Agriculture and food combined is Ohio’s top industry, as is common with most states. According to a 2011 article by FarmFlavor.com, Ohio is only one of four states in the U.S. where more than 50 percent of its land is classified as “prime farmland.” The area also offers four seasons with weather conditions that are less extreme than most other Midwestern states, making it desirable for a number of agricultural products. The 2012 Agriculture Census put the worth of Ohio’s ag industry at $10.1 billion, and maintains that agriculture in Ohio employs one out of every seven residents.


National Rankings

Based on the 2012 Agriculture Census by the USDA, Ohio is the 13th highest-producing state, with ag sales over $10 billion; that’s 2.6 percent of the nation’s total of $394.6 billion. Ohio also ranked 11th in the nation for the number of farms, with 73,400 operations, according to FarmFlavor.com.

Ohio’s ag industry leads the nation in production of Geraniums and the processing of Swiss Cheese, based on 2011 numbers. Ohio was also 2nd in egg production and the inventory of chicken layers, 3rd in processing tomatoes, 5th in maple syrup and many dairy products and 6th in soybeans, sweet corn and fresh tomatoes.


Top Ohio Commodities

The commodities that boast the top spots in Ohio’s ag industry are those that are the bread-and-butter of many Midwestern states. The first major commodity is Grains, oilseeds, dry beans, and dry peas, totaling over $5 billion in sales. This category encompasses corn, soybeans and other grains, beans and various seeds.

The rest of the top five commodities, from 2nd to 5th, respectively, are poultry and eggs; milk from cows; hogs and pigs; and cattle and calves. The top five commodities account for over 90 percent of Ohio’s total ag sales. The top ten is rounded out by nursery and greenhouse products; other crops and hay; vegetables and other row crops; horses and other equines; and other animals and their products. Ohio also offers fruits and nuts, tobacco, cotton, aquaculture and Christmas trees.

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