Valuable event, offering keen insight for individuals who work in real estate and land lending along I-4, was hosted at Florida Polytechnic University for its central location.

If you’ve ever been along the I-4 corridor in Central Florida, you’d know that it’s a busy thoroughfare linking east Florida and Orlando with west Florida and Tampa Bay. Economically, it’s a lifeline of business and commerce in Florida. The I-4 Commercial Conference this August 12th was aimed at bringing commercial real estate professionals who work along the I-4 Corridor together to discuss the issues faced by all. AgAmerica Lending President and CEO, Brian Philpot, was invited to join the Land Panel as a land lending expert. The event offered a wealth of information for those in the real estate industry.

Expert Panels

The conference was divided into breakout sessions in both the morning and the afternoon. Brian Philpot sat on the Land Panel moderated by David Hitchcock, President of Florida Realtors Land Institute. Along with land expert colleagues like Dean Saunders of Saunders Real Estate and Bill Eshenbaugh of the Eshenbaugh Land Company, the panel discussed the headwinds facing the real estate market along the I-4 corridor.

Brian Philpot weighed in from the land lender’s vantage point about current trends affecting agricultural land along the corridor. “We’re seeing increases in deal size, along with an influx of institutional money. Citrus growers are struggling to figure out what’s next— and some of them are experimenting with converting their groves to grow other crops.”

Other panels included the Downtown Panel, the Industrial Panel, and the Real Estate Legends Panel.

Business Panel Topics

The breakout sessions delved into additional topics as well. The Publix Real Estate Story session kicked off the morning round of breakout sessions. Other panels focused on business and real estate topics such as the use of business analysis, crowd-funding and other sources of capital, and real estate auctions. The conference was rounded out with lunch speaker Brian D. Bailey, CCIM, a Senior Technical Expert with the Commercial Real Estate Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, with closing remarks by R. Todd Dantzler, the District 4 Commissioner of Polk County, and with tours of Florida Polytechnic University.

At AgAmerica Lending, our land lending expert teams are at the forefront of the agricultural real estate industry. We help the nation’s agribusinesses expand and succeed using our custom loan packages that feature low interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit.

Flickr photo by Jeffrey DuBois