Buy Land With Farm Expansion Loans

Expand Your Farming Operation or Real Estate Portfolio with a Customized Land Loan

Agriculture is an unpredictable business that often causes traditional lenders to impose high interest rates on loans to offset risk. The stringent qualifications required by most lenders pose a significant challenge to today’s farmers, ranchers, and landowners. Whether you are a multi-generational farmer looking to expand your existing property, a young farmer who wants to buy your first farm or an investor in search of an asset with steady returns—our team of experienced agricultural land lenders can work with your unique financial situation to build a custom loan package suited for your individual needs

Three Reasons Why Farmland is a Smart Alternative Investment

  • It is a tangible and stable asset resilient to economic uncertainty;
  • Land is a finite resource that will only increase in value over time;
  • There are many revenue stream opportunities within it including leasing, farming, and sharecropping the property.

As one of the largest nationwide non-bank agricultural lenders in the U.S., we understand the inherent ups and downs of the ag industry and can provide the necessary flexibility to factor volatility into each of our custom loan programs. Doing so, provides you with financial empowerment and helps you achieve your long-term goals without getting knocked down by one bad farming season.

We don’t believe in fitting our farmers, ranchers, or landowners into a square box. We build lasting relationships with our clients and take note of each aspect of their individual operations. Through these relationships, we gain a better understanding of what makes each one unique and use these strengths to leverage the terms of a customized loan. Beyond lower interest rates and longer amortization periods, we also care about your future in farming and want to create a financial plan that puts you in the best financial situation on the way to your long-term goals.

Our spectrum of loan solutions helps fund borrowers who may not qualify for traditional agricultural loan programs.

Agriculture land loan calculator

Next Steps: Calculate Your Land Loan

Our American farmers and ranchers are at the heart of our business and the reason we are invested in their long-term success. Our mission is to help our farmers thrive during good times and sleep well during tough times, and are committed to providing them with the necessary knowledge and tools to make wise financial decisions. If you want to expand your farm operation or are ready to purchase land, we encourage you to get started by using our farm loan calculator to create a preliminary assessment of your lending needs. Once you’ve completed your desire calculations, submit the results and a local Relationship Manager will contact you to discuss your operational needs.

A Second-Generation Family Farm Expands Operation With $18MM Land Loan

A California family turned to AgAmerica to seize a land expansion opportunity through the purchase of a large, 1,800-acre vineyard in the Central Valley. AgAmerica was able to secure financing in time for the family to capitalize on this lucrative land purchase. The farm expansion enabled them to further increase production levels and profit margins. Their positive experience cultivated a deeper relationship with AgAmerica as we assisted in the refinance of existing properties later on and further increased the liquidity of their operation.

Ag Lending Experts Rooted in the Agricultural Industry

For more than a century, farmers and ranchers have had to overcome the challenge of working with lenders who lack a firm grasp of the agricultural industry. American farm operations face unmatched obstacles to keep the food supply of our nation secure. We not only recognize these various challenges, but we understand that it’s our responsibility to ease the frictions that exist in traditional lending and alleviate the financial load of the American Farmer. Our commitment to you begins with our regional experts, known as our “boots on the ground” Relationship Managers. These AgAmericans are rooted in the local agricultural communities and bring invaluable first-hand knowledge to our team, helping us to develop custom solutions for your long-term needs.