Increase Working Capital with a Custom Loan or Line of Credit

Use Working Capital to Enhance Your Operation or Upgrade Your Farm Technology

Each season farmers and ranchers are faced with new obstacles that create fundamental challenges for their operations. In order to support our growing nation and an ever-expanding global population, they must find ways to improve the productivity of their operations in order to keep pace with the rising demand for food. Working capital provides the financial cushion they need to endure the tougher farming seasons and stay on track with their long-term business goals. It’s a vital resource that can help fund larger farm projects like replacing aging equipment, investing in precision technologies, or making repairs after a natural disaster.

Cash-Out Operational Loans

As a farmer or rancher, you understand how an unexpected repair can greatly impact your operation’s bottom line at the end of the year and even years to come. Having access to an available cash flow removes the pressure on you to hold off or delay necessary purchases such as seed, fertilizer, or livestock feed because of funding challenges. By utilizing the equity of your land, AgAmerica can help you tap into the untouched liquidity of your property through a custom operational loan that can be used to fund purchases such as farm equipment, irrigation systems, ag tech, storage silos, or seed supply. Our cash-out option also offers a competitive interest rate and flexible amortization terms that are designed for your unique agribusiness needs.

10-Year Line of Credit (LOC)

AgAmerica helps you get ahead of your financial obligations by removing the stringent requirements that most ag lenders place on revolving lines of credit. Our unique 10-year line of credit gives you the freedom to use your funds for any business purpose. We believe that one of the best ways we can support farmers is by giving them the resources they need to get the job done.

When you secure a line of credit with AgAmerica, you’ll have access to benefits such as:

  • An unlimited number of cash draws
  • No annual renewal, pay-downs, or rest periods
  • A dedicated team for the lifetime of your LOC

Need a short-term line of credit? We’re all about flexibility and customization, we will work with you to develop a line of credit that serves your operational needs. In some cases, this may include structuring your LOC to be converted into a term loan. To learn more, speak with one of our land loan experts today.

Agriculture land loan calculator

Next Steps: Calculate Your Land Loan

Our American farmers and ranchers are at the heart of our business and the reason we are invested in their long-term success. We are committed to providing you with the tools and knowledge needed to make sound business decisions. If you want to expand your farm operation or are ready to purchase land, we encourage you get started by using our farm loan calculator to create a preliminary assessment of your lending needs. Once you’ve completed your desire calculations, submit the results and a local Relationship Manager will contact you to discuss your operational needs.

Cattle Rancher Uses Custom Loan Package to Increase Working Capital and Grow Ranch Operation

Over several decades, a Florida cattle rancher had accumulated financial debt related to his cattle operation. With the desire to expand his ranch and purchase additional cattle, he contacted AgAmerica for a customized lending solution that would help him pay off his debt and increase his working capital. We worked with the cattle rancher to develop a global refinance loan to meet his immediate needs and prepare him for his future expansion.

Ag Lending Experts Rooted in the Agricultural Industry

For more than a century, farmers and ranchers have relied on ag lenders that lack a firm grasp on the internal and external obstacles faced throughout the farm season. As an ally and trusted agricultural lender, we understand that it is our responsibility to alleviate challenges of the traditional lending experience. Our commitment to you begins with our regional experts, known as our “boots on the ground” Relationship Managers. These AgAmericans are rooted in the local agricultural communities and bring invaluable first-hand knowledge to our team, helping us to develop custom solutions for your long-term needs.