California Land Loans & Farm Financing

AgAmerica’s land loans spectrum allows California farmers to expand and diversify their operations, while growing a future for the next generation of producers.

Alternative land loans and agriculture lending that supports California farmers.

Known for its unique Mediterranean climate, California supports more than 450 varieties of crops and exclusive commodities such as artichokes, figs, olives, pistachios, and almonds. As the nation’s largest producer of food and the 5th largest supplier of cotton fiber worldwide, California agriculture is incredibly important to the future of American agriculture. At AgAmerica we are committed to helping California farmers achieve their long-term financial objectives and operational goals.

Whether you’ve experienced back-to-back droughts or a devastating wildfire, AgAmerica will stand by you and work to develop a custom financial solution to help you through the short-term challenges and guide you to long-term financial stability. When you’re ready to expand or diversify your crops, we’ll still be here, ready to help you achieve your new operational goals. As part of our loan spectrum, we offer alternative lending options that are designed for your specific agribusiness needs. Speak with our California Correspondent Lender, Miles Reiten to learn how we integrate financial lending and business planning into a program that works for you, not the other way around.

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Top 5 AG Counties

Kern | Fresno | Monterey | Tulare | Merced

Top 5 Crop Commodities

Dairy  | Broilers  |  Grapes |  Almonds  |  Strawberries


Total Farmland
(in acres)


Average Farm Size
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Average Age of Primary Farm Operator


Ag Land Value per Acre

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