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Oranges and grapefruits are two of the most important commercial citrus varieties grown in the U.S. and also two of the healthiest. They are by far the largest citrus crops, accounting for 86 percent of the acreage planted in 2012. Citrus farmers primarily operate in Florida and California where a combined 97 percent of the U.S. citrus crop is produced. Florida is highest for oranges and grapefruit and California for lemons and tangerines. While the citrus industry faces many challenges, AgAmerica can help with a customized loan package tailored to your financial needs.

Citrus Grove Industry Overview

  • Total US citrus production for 2016/2017 is forecast at 7.96 million tons
  • The major citrus producing states in the United States are Florida, California, Texas and Arizona.
  • In 2012, total U.S. citrus exports were valued at $1.0 billion. The top three overseas markets for U.S. citrus were Japan, South Korea and Canada.
  • U.S. production of tangerines increased to nearly 16.5 million boxes in 2012. And U.S. lemon production in 2012 totaled 22.8 million boxes. The state of California is the leading producer of both tangerines and lemons.

Multi-generation Citrus Family Expands their Grove

The solution: As a sixth generation Floridian, our borrower and his wife were invested not only financially but also emotionally in the success of their citrus grove. Already owners of many acres, this  family sought to add another …


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Introducing AgAmerica’s Citrus Grove Conversion Program

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Partner With the Nation’s Premier Land Lender to Convert Your Grove

If you’re struggling with citrus greening, our new loan program is designed just for you. While most banks aren’t interested in the struggles – or future – of citrus growers, we are. We’ll work with you to finance converting your groves to row crops or pasture, so you can hold onto your land and your legacy.

AgAmerica can qualify you when traditional ag lenders won’t. We offer:

  • Interest-only payments for up to 10 years
  • Cash for conversion
  • No prepayment penalties

Try Our Land Loan Calculator

Try Our Land Loan Calculator

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