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AgAmerica’s agricultural land loans and alternative lending are ideal for Idaho farmers who are looking to diversify their commodities or expand their operations.

Alternative Lending for row crop farmers or cattle ranchers.

A state well-known for its potato production, Idaho is home to more than 25,700 farms and 11.5 million acres of farmland. Idaho’s diverse and abundant agriculture places it at the top of our nation’s largest producers. It’s considered to be the third-largest agricultural state in the West and the second-highest state in net farm income. Farming and cattle ranching is a fundamental economic contributor to Idaho’s state economy and local communities. Other vital commodities for the state include dairy, sweet corn, and grapes. Annually, Idaho’s agriculture industry contributes nearly $27 billion to the U.S. economy.

At AgAmerica, we deeply respect Idaho farmers’ dedication to feeding our nation. We are committed to helping you achieve your long-term operational goals through flexible land loan programs that can be used to increase your working capital, refinance existing debt, buy more land, or upgrade your farm equipment. Get in touch with our local Idaho Correspondent Lender, Carson Morter, to discuss how our straightforward, collateral-focused approach to underwriting offers funding opportunities to farmers where traditional agriculture lending has fallen short.

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Top 5 AG Counties

Bingham | Owyhee | Cassia | Idaho | Power

Top 5 Crop Commodities

DairyCattle | Potatoes | Wheat | Hay


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