Oregon Land Loans and Farm Financing

AgAmerica’s spectrum of agricultural land loans helps Oregon farmers increase productivity and secure a stronger financial future.

Agriculture lending programs designed to support Oregon farmers through all seasons of farming.

With more than 35,000 farms spread out across 16.3 million acres, Oregon is one of the largest contributors to American agriculture. Each year, farmers and ranchers contribute over $8 billion to the state’s economy while also producing more than 250 diverse commodities that range from salmon, oysters, cattle, and sheep to wheat, hops, berries, pears, and hazelnuts. These commodities are supported by approximately 2,000 different types of soil across the state, making it a prime region for farming and agriculture production. As an agricultural leader, Oregon farmers are critical to the future of food security. At AgAmerica, we are committed to helping the producers and farmers of Oregon achieve their operational goals by developing stronger financial foundations to help them stay focused on what matters most, farming.

Whether you are ready to expand your farm operation, purchase new equipment, or recover from a bad farming season, we will work with you to develop a custom land loan from our spectrum of lending solutions. Get in touch with our local Oregon Correspondent Lender, Carson Morter, to discuss how our straightforward, collateral-focused approach to underwriting offers funding opportunities to farmers where traditional agriculture lending has fallen short.

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Top 5 AG Counties

Harney | Wasco | Umatilla | Morrow | Malheur

Top 5 Crop Commodities

Greenhouse | Cattle | Dairy | Hay | Wheat


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