Potato Farm Loans

Potatoes are the fifth most important crop worldwide and one of the few crops grown in at least 48 out of the 50 states. American potato farms produce over 40 billion pounds and seven varieties of potato each year, and 35 percent of these potatoes are utilized as frozen fries. No matter where your farm is based, AgAmerica can help finance your potato farming operation with a personalized loan package.

Potato Industry Overview

  • In 2013, American potato farmers planted 1,066,500 acres and produced 43.7 billion pounds of potatoes. The average yield was 41,600 pounds per acre.
  • Most sweet potato production is in the southern United States, namely North Carolina, Mississippi, and Louisiana. California is also a significant producer.
  • The value of U.S. fresh sweet potato exports continued to rise in 2012 by 8% to $79.9 million.

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Try Our Land Loan Calculator

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