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If you’re an American row crop farmer, you understand how important it is to rotate crops to get the most out of your land. Perhaps you’re considering expanding your row crop farming operation or alternating the rotation of crops each season. Whatever your goal, you’ve come to the right team to maximize your farm’s potential. AgAmerica partners with row crop farmers nationwide to tailor loan packages to their unique needs.

Florida Citrus Grove Transitions to Row Crop Land

Closing date: May 2015

Loan type: Debt refinance

The property: 2,900 acres of agricultural land in St. Lucie County, Florida

The solution: An experienced citrus and row crop farmer separated from a long-term partnership to establish a new farm operation independently. He wanted to specialize in corn and silage but needed to first refinance four existing loans that were coming due. He planned to use the funds to transition citrus groves into row crop land and make some farm improvements. By considering all the factors involved, we were able to creatively structure and secure the necessary financing to meet all of the borrower’s needs.

Row Crop Farmer Consolidates Debt, Gains Financial Flexibility

The solution: This family farm has historically focused on peanut and cotton production. However, the farm has expanded in recent years to include corn and wheat. The borrowers requested a consolidation of their debt to achieve more …

Florida Sugarcane and Black Gold

The state of Florida offers many different row crops, and sugarcane is a big one. Florida leads the U.S. in sugarcane production. While the tropical plant can be grown anywhere in The Sunshine State, the nutrient-rich muck fields of South Florida and Lake Okeechobee are the most desirable spots for growing the sun-loving cane.

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Try Our Land Loan Calculator

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