Vegetable Farm Loans

Vegetable yields have been increasing and are expected to continually rise, even faster than population growth, over the next decade. Our renewed focus on health and nutrition is creating this higher demand. And while vegetables can be prepared in many ways, with new recipes popping up all the time, there’s only one way to grow them. With more than half of all vegetable production occurring on irrigated acreage, AgAmerica is building customized loan packages for vegetable farming operations nationwide.

Vegetable Industry Overview

  • California is the leader in fresh vegetable production. The state accounted for more than 48% of national production. Florida was the next largest producer of fresh vegetables, followed by Arizona.
  • Fresh vegetable production for 24 selected crops totaled 438 million cwt in 2012, and the value of the crop was $10.1 billion. In terms of production, the top two crops were onions and head lettuce.
  • The three largest crops of processing vegetables were tomatoes, sweet corn, and beans. Combined, these three crops accounted for 92% of national production.

Leading fruit & vegetable grower plans for the next generation

The solution: Farming full-time since 1997, this farmer’s primary crops are cantaloupe and citrus, with a smaller portion of his operation dedicated to growing peppers and eggplant. The borrowers desired to separate their…

Try Our Land Loan Calculator

Try Our Land Loan Calculator

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