Washington State Farm Land Loans and Ag Financing

AgAmerica’s agricultural loans provides Washington farmers with a solid financial foundation that gives them the power to expand their farm operation, make necessary equipment upgrades, or recover from a bad year.

Ag financing options that supports Washington State farmers through all seasons of farming.

Washington’s rich soil, large-scale irrigation, and diverse climate makes it one of the strongest regions for agricultural production. More than 300 specialty crops and commodities are maintained by Washington state farmers and growers. Ranking first for apple, pear, hops, and grape production, Washington also claims the second place as the nation’s top wine producer. The state serves as a vital source of food and agricultural commodities in the U.S. and across the globe. At AgAmerica, we deeply respect farmers’ dedication to their land and champion their hard work by creating flexible lending solutions to grow and manage their ag operations.

We understand the volatility of farming and the factors that challenge the financial security of a farm operation. For this reason, we’ve created a spectrum of lending solutions to help farmers endure the good and bad seasons. Whether you’ve witnesses back-to-back droughts or a devastating wildfire, we are committed to supporting you through the short-term challenges to help you reach long-term success. Our team of land loan experts will work with you to identify the unique business goals you have for your farm operation or agribusiness and develop a custom land loan to help you reach those objectives. Speak with our Washington Relationship Manager, Carson Morter to learn how we can help you reach a stronger financial future.

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Top 5 AG Counties

Yakima | Whitman | Okanogan | Lincoln | Grant

Top 5 Crop Commodities

Apples | Dairy  | Cattle | Wheat | Broilers


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