If you’re a game hunter, chances are you’ve heard of Whitetail Properties. They’re a real estate company that focuses on bringing together buyers and sellers of land, with the purpose of using the land for recreation. They understand that buying recreational land, especially through AgAmerica Lending’s Recreational Land Loan Program, is a smart investment move that benefits their families and strengthens their financial stability.

Whitetail Properties also has a show on The Sportsman Channel about hunting and all the ways to improve rural land, a farm, a ranch, or other recreational land. Their annual meeting was held July 26th, and Mac Miller and Blake Averitt were in attendance to speak to their realtor network about AgAmerica Lending’s ability to offer unique financing for clients looking to buy recreational land or hobby farm properties. Here’s a look at how AgAmerica Lending and Whitetail Properties are cut from the same cloth.

Finding Success in Agriculture

AgAmerica Lending is on the forefront of the agricultural industry, and we’re consistently using that expertise to benefit farms and ranches of all sizes. Ever wondered how to start a turkey farm, about the ins and outs of farm lending or how farming diversification ideas can stretch your agribusiness’s bottom line? Our land loan specialists are always happy to help.

Making the Recreational Dream a Reality

The agents at Whitetail Properties have a wealth of information on purchasing recreational property, improving it once you’ve bought it, and ways to capitalize financially off property used for hunting and other sports. They are true sportsmen and women with knowledge and love of the land.

For instance, their experts offer insight on how to harvest timber from your property, making it a true financial investment. Another offered insight is how to go about leasing recreational land that you don’t use full-time; and how the property can bring in income even when you’re not there.

Love of the land is at the heart of what we do at AgAmerica Lending. From recreational land loans to ranch and farm ag loans, we help agribusinesses and outdoor enthusiasts alike grow with our low interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit.