There is a well-known verse that maintains, “For everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose . . .” In fact, it is so commonly known that it was even the basis for a popular 1960s song by The Byrds.  It’s a sentiment that’s both known and respected by those in agriculture as it relays that there is an order, an organization, and a purpose to all things.  That order, organization, and purpose are traits that AJ Porreca, an AgAmerica Lending Underwriter, can appreciate.

“I grew up in Illinois with corn fields all around, and I was aware of how hard the people of ag businesses worked,” he shares.  That understanding only intensified after he moved to Florida in 2006.  “After moving to Florida, I was exposed to even more and different types of farming and have grown to appreciate the nurturing of both cropland and livestock.”  After finishing high school, he entered a double major program at Florida Southern College and graduated with a degree in Accounting and Business Administration.  He was on a path to accounting and finance, but the roots of something else took hold during his internship with AgAmerica.

A great lover of the outdoors and competitive water sports, Porreca was drawn to the chance to give something back, to have a connection with the outdoors through the process of agricultural lending that he found at his internship with Land South, a precursor of AgAmerica Lending.  “As graduation drew near, I understood that public accounting was not where I truly wanted to direct my career.  Instead, I wanted to do something service-related, and agriculture had that allure,” he continues.  “I was excited by the opportunity to be involved in a facet of the finance industry that promoted conservation of our farmland and provided a service to those farmers who provide for us.”  As everything has its purpose, Porreca could see that his purpose was to combine his passion of finance with his growing respect for the agriculture industry in the U.S.  “Since my start in ag financing, I have come to appreciate the science and technology employed in modern farming to optimize yields.  I have also seen a large amount of financial sophistication in the industry and have been surprised by how vast the community really is.”

He also recommends that ag clients embrace organizational habits.  “A big part of planning for the future is focusing on organization.  This will allow for quicker, easier, and more informed decisions when the situation calls for action,” he explains.  For example, it will allow ag operations to be poised to act on financial considerations.  “Consolidating debts when possible is also key,” Porreca observes.  “It will help simplify the operation and can also save you a bundle of money annually.  You need to treat your financial health the same way you would treat the health of a loved one.  Be attentive and make informed decisions.”

AgAmerica Lending is your premiere source for land lending and financial health.  We have a proud history of helping the country’s agribusinesses to grow and thrive with our low interest rates, long amortizations, and outstanding 10-year line of credit.