The luck of the Irish is a thing of myth and legend, but thankfully you won’t need any such luck when it comes to the common sense lending offered by the nation’s premier land lender. It’s that time of the year when we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day and the mythology of leprechauns, gold, and luck surrounding the Emerald Isle. However, we know that a lot more than luck goes into building a successful ag operation, and our lending programs reward the hard work, dedication, and resolve of the nation’s farmers and ranchers.

We offer a wide array of loan programs custom-made to fit the needs of those in the ag industry. They’re not your typical ag loans, though it boils down to the fact that where other ag lenders see only numbers, we see the ag producers who put their time and effort into growing the crops and raising the livestock needed to sustain us all.

Take our Farm & Ranch Land Loans, for instance. We offer a range of terms, low interest rates, custom plans and none of the penalties, rest requirements or fees typical of other agricultural lenders. Similarly, our Raw Land Loans offer customizable packages, and are available in every state in the country. We also offer special loan packages for helping our ag clients get through to the next good season when disaster strikes or to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. With programs such as our Bridge Land Loans and our Citrus Grove Conversion Program, each loan is crafted with personal care and precision to best meet each producer’s fiscal needs.

AgAmerica Lending is also proud to present the Recreational Land Lending Program, which provides our hard working ag clients the funds to purchase recreational land. The program features unique characteristics found nowhere else in ag lending, including no prepayment penalties, no standard annual paperwork renewals, 25-year amortizations to lower payments, and our outstanding 10-year line of credit. If you’ve got your eye on a parcel of land that is 150 acres or more for recreational use, we have just the right program to put you on the path to ownership.

As the land loan specialists, we’re happy to help America’s farmers and ranchers with all of their ag lending needs. While a little luck never hurt anyone, we’ve been helping the country’s agribusinesses to thrive and succeed with our low interest rates, long amortizations, and outstanding 10-year line of credit.