Being a stone’s throw away from the Sunshine State, there is more than one persuasive reason why you should expand your agribusiness with an Alabama land loan. The talking points might look something like this:

Alabama’s Commodity Rankings

Alabama’s an agricultural haven, with mild temperatures and rich soil that’s good for producing just about anything; this fertile soil is found throughout much of the state. According to the 2012 Ag Census by the USDA, Alabama’s ag industry totaled $5.5 billion, even amidst a severe drought. The top commodities in Alabama’s ag industry are dominated by livestock, according to a article sponsored by the Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industries. The state’s top five commodities as of 2014 were broiler chickens, cattle and calves, chicken eggs, cotton lint, and soybeans.


Alabama’s National Ag Rankings

Nationwide, Alabama fluctuates from second to fourth in peanuts production— they harvested over 800 million pounds in 2012. They are also second in broiler chickens and quail. Alabama is also fourth nationwide in poultry, eggs, and aquaculture. The “cotton state” ranks seventh in cotton and cottonseed.

Alabama offers temperate weather and fertile soil; it’s a perfect combination for any agricultural venture. If you’re considering a move to Alabama or another state, look to the leaders in farm ag loans, AgAmerica Lending. We’ve made it our business to help ag producers big and small to grow and expand with our low interest rates, long amortizations, and outstanding 10-year line of credit.

Flickr photo by Steven Lilley