Find ways to support the American farmer this National Ag Day.

In my latest column in Central Florida Ag News, I discussed different options for supporting your local farming community on National Ag Day and all year. March 20th is National Ag Day, and according to the Agriculture Council of America, it’s a time to “to recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture.” Learn more about National Ag Day and ways you can support the American farmer, below.

About National Ag Day

The focus is three-fold: helping citizens to understand how our foods and fibers are produced and consider careers in agriculture, to explore the role of ag in creating a strong economy, and to foster appreciation of agriculture’s ability to provide a safe, affordable, and abundant food and fiber supply. There are many ways to support the American farmer on this important day, and there is something for everyone.

Celebrating National Ag Day

Celebrating National Ag Day can be done in a number of ways. Many schools and communities are hosting celebrations that focus on increasing knowledge about their region’s ag industries and honoring those in agriculture. Additionally, many groups and organizations related to agriculture—like FFA, 4-H, Farm Bureau, and more—are likely hosting different events and celebrations.

Individuals can also host their own celebrations or start a movement for showing support. Social media is an excellent way of spreading the word about an event or the day itself. Learn more about ways you can become an “agvocate” for agriculture.

Ways to Support the American Farmer

In my column, I shared three ideas for supporting American farmers and family farm agriculture. They are:

  • Shop at a local farmers’ market. Support growers and producers directly by buying at a Farmers’ Market. Look to your state’s department of agriculture to find directories of Farmers’ Markets near you.
  • Visit a Local U-Pick agribusiness. Again, this directly supports those in agriculture. You should be able to find information about local U-Pick operations from your state’s department of agriculture website or online.
  • Help children learn about agriculture by volunteering to read on Ag Literacy Day, which is May 1st. Register at starting this month. You may be the first step that leads a child down the road to a career in agriculture.

Here are some additional ways to support the American farmer this Ag Day:

  • Visit an agritourism operation. The options available when it comes to agritourism—tours, how-to classes, shops, and entertainment—means you can find something interesting for everyone in your family to do.
  • Write to your elected officials in support of agriculture. Let your elected officials know you support agriculture and those in it, and that you would like your elected officials to do the same.
  • Consider a career in agriculture. There are many different jobs related to agriculture, and the majority of them are done outside of the field. From researcher to marketer and business to retailer, there are over 200 careers that are ag-related.

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