To make the New Year even more successful than the last, here is a quick list of simple resolutions for farmers, ranchers, and really, anyone involved in the ag industry.

  1. Advocate for Agriculture = Agvocate
    In 2014, set aside some time to familiarize non-farmers and consumers with the agricultural industry. Tell them, or even better, show them the way in which you produce their food. Also, provide reasoning for your farming methods.
  2. Listen
    These days, it’s so easy to remain in-the-know via the magic of the Internet. There’s no excuse not to listen to all the industry-related topics/discussion surfacing. Set aside some time each day to see what’s going on in your particular farming niche. One simple way to do so, is to set up Google Alerts (designated keyword alerts). For example, if you are a hobby farmer, you could set up an alert for the term “hobby farming.” Google will then send you alerts (via email) whenever they stumble upon a new article or page that mentions hobby farming.
  3. Learn
    Subscribe to a few popular farm blogs to elevate your farming knowledge and gain inspiration! There are lots of farmers out there hashing out mindful responses to the tough issues facing the ag industry today. Stay on top of the important issues facing your industry and learn of possible solutions by following one or more established farm blogs.
  4. Engage
    This year, commit to engaging with your consumers and those unfamiliar with the ag industry. Engage in conversations about food, farming, and agriculture. Work to better understand consumers and their concerns. Build trust in food, farming and agriculture by sharing meaningful, mindful, and genuine information.
  5. Network via Social Media
    Optimize your online presence in 2014 by getting on the social media bandwagon. Expand your farm’s reach, easily interact with consumers and business partners, welcome new business relationships, and open up meaningful conversation. To get started, create a Facebook page and open a Twitter account to share information, engage your consumers, and to promote your content (blogs, press releases, etc.). Get on Instagram to showcase pictures/videos of the day-to-day operations of your farm or ranch. Also, consider getting on YouTube to boost your Agvocat-ing (i.e. show your consumers your methods).



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Happy New Year & Happy Farming!