The agriculture industry is a busy one! Keep on top of the news and stories coming out of the United States Department of Agriculture:

The USDA is offering $2.5 million in grants for nonprofits and public higher education institutions to use for projects aimed at educating new and underserved farmers on the programs provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency. Read more here.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (Tpp) Agreement is lauded as a win for the agriculture industry. The trade agreement was made with a plethora of countries in the Pacific region, and it was identified by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack as creating “a more level playing field in trade for American farmers.” The TPP eliminates or greatly reduces tariffs on U.S. ag exports. Read more here.

Revenue from the country’s farmer, rancher and fishery cooperatives enjoyed record income and revenue in 2014. A soon-to-be released report shows that cooperatives earned $6.5 billion in net income and generated $246.7 billion in total revenue last year, a 16 percent increase in net income over the prior year. Read more here.

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