The world of agriculture is always abuzz with news and happenings. As the nation’s premier land lender, we like to keep growers informed of the latest headlines coming from the United States Department of Agriculture:

The agriculture industry is expanding, and the skills and knowledge to get started in ag will now be offered to the country’s brave men and women of the military. In a joint effort by the USDA and the Department of Defense’s Transition to Veterans Program Office, agriculture will now be part of the career training and counseling programs Service members receive as they transition out of the military, reaching 200,000 transitioning Service members each year. Read more here.

Wildfires are front page news across the nation as many states are suffering the worst wildfire seasons in a long time. The drought in the West is a major contributor, and the USDA reminded farmers and ranchers that they have programs to help assist with recovery efforts. Those with ag operations in Alaska, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington can access programs offered by the Farm Service Agency to help with hardships such as the loss or destruction of livestock, grazing land, fences or eligible trees and shrubs due to a natural disaster like a wildfire. Read more here.

In an effort to encourage and support water quality trading markets, the USDA and the EPA offered a joint workshop to expand markets for water quality benefits generated on farms, ranches and forest lands. The USDA defines water quality trading markets as “an innovative approach to reduce pollution and efficiently achieve water quality goals. Trading is based on the fact that sources in a watershed can face very different costs to control the same pollutant. Trading programs allow facilities facing higher pollution control costs to meet their regulatory obligations by purchasing environmentally equivalent (or superior) pollution reductions from another source at lower cost, thus achieving the same water quality improvement at lower overall cost.” The USDA is offering $2 million in Conservation Innovation Grants to advance water quality trading. Read more here.

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USDA photo by Lance Cheung