We like to help our colleagues in the agriculture industry stay in-the-know! Read up on some current headlines coming from the United States Department of Agriculture:

Allergen-free peanuts top a USDA ‘New Innovations in Ag’ Report. The USDA is one of the nation’s leaders in performing research that leads to substantial benefits, aided by their extensive development agreements with universities, small businesses, and more. On the USDA’s 2014 Technology Transfer Report is one innovation that removes up to 98-percent of the allergens from peanuts without affecting the flavor. Read more here.

Egg cage system may improve the native ladybug’s biocontrol prospects. A specialized insect cage system created by USDA scientists could improve the likelihood of mass rearing the pink spotted lady beetle, an insect that could then be used to biologically control harmful pests like aphids, and spider mites that damage crops. Read more here.

Organic seed coating for alfalfa helps prevent some soilborne diseases. In an effort to increase the availability of organic alfalfa to feed cows at organic dairy operations, USDA scientists have tested zeolite, a naturally-occurring mineral, as a seed coating. While more study is needed, results have shown that zeolite is as effective as the non-organic fungicide, mefenoxam, and even protects against Aphanomyces root rot (ARR). Read more here.

E. coli gets help from Lettuce Disease. E. coli, a bacterium that causes a foodborne illness similar to food poisoning, is more likely to contaminate lettuce when the lettuce is already damaged by downy mildew, a lettuce disease caused by the fungus-like water mold Bremia lactucae. Downy mildew is one of the biggest issues that lettuce growers face. Researchers believe that downy mildew may hold a key to controlling E. coli and increasing food safety. Read more here.

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