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Honey Bees Are Not the Only Pollinators in Agriculture

As National Honey Bee Day passes, we are recognizing the role of pollinators in agriculture and another powerful pollinator besides the honey bee.

National Honey Bee Day was this past Saturday, and these pollinators are an important part of our country’s ag industry. In fact, honey bees are the largest group of pollinators in agriculture and are responsible for $15 billion in U.S. agricultural crops annually. It is estimated that pollinators, primarily bees, pollinate 30 percent of the world’s crops and 90 percent of our wild plants. Another less well known, but important pollinator is the hoverfly. Read More

Rural Communities Call for Increased Broadband Connectivity

Precision Agriculture Connectivity Act of 2018 may improve rural broadband access.

If you live in a metropolitan area, broadband connectivity probably isn’t a concern – but for those in rural communities, this high-speed technology is still often out of reach. As a result, many rural residents, including farmers, are requesting greater access to broadband internet.Read More

Farm Cost Share Programs Promote Ag Conservation

Cost Share programs and Best Management Practices help promote conservation in agriculture.

In my recent article in Central Florida Ag News, I discussed the importance of Ag Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Cost Share programs that help farmers and ranchers implement the BMPs. Let’s take a look in more detail at some ag conservation options for your Florida farm or ranch. Read More

Crop Insurance Can Help You Rest Easier

It’s not required, but having insurance coverage for your crop can make recovery from a tough year easier.

There is no law stating that a farmer has to have crop insurance, but you should consider your circumstances and decide if it’s good for your agribusiness. A recent AgAmerica article took a look at crop insurance as one of many risk management tools in an operation’s repertoire.
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Female Farmers: The Untold Story of American Agriculture

Audra Mulkern, founder, writer, and photographer for The Female Farmer Project™, devotes efforts to raising awareness of women in American agriculture. 


In the United States about 14 percent of principal operators are female farmers and they control about 7 percent of farmland. While this number is very low compared to the rest of the agricultural world, the number of female farmers is growing. The Female Farmer Project, a multi-platform documentary project, chronicles women rising in agriculture around the world.
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Taking Care of Agribusiness Relationships

Meet Agribusiness Relationship Managers Evan Atchison and Clint Tedder

At AgAmerica Lending we focus on relationships. We are here to serve the nation’s growers and ranchers and through those agribusiness relationships protect and preserve the agricultural industry. That’s why when you work with us you won’t get a salesman, you will meet one of our relationship managers. Evan Atchison and Clint Tedder, two of AgAmerica’s relationship managers, specialize in agribusiness relationships and also bring extensive ag knowledge to the table.
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War on Dairy: The Industry Fights Back Against Non-Milk Products

The U.S. dairy industry combats the non-milk products industry and trade tensions.

Over the years, the dairy industry in the United States has taken a hit from a number of non-milk products looking to gain the edge in the consumer market. New York lost 1,200 dairy farms in the last decade as it was fighting low prices, decreased demand, and competition from non-dairy milk brands, according to recent article from Modern Farmer. U.S. farms and the dairy industry are having to pull out all the stops to remain top-of-mind for consumers. Read More