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Support Small Farms on Small Business Saturday

Explore the Origins Small Business Saturday and Ways You Can Support Local Small Farms While You’re Out and About this Holiday Weekend

The holiday season is a time of giving, and it’s also a time of buying, too. In 2010, a concept emerged from among the hype of Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales: Small Business Saturday. Started as a promotion by a credit card company, the concept has grown by leaps and bounds, and even to small farms. The concept is simple: on the Saturday after Black Friday, make sure to shop at local businesses to support the owners and your local economy. Small farms that have a shop connected with their operation are places to visit and spend money on Small Business Saturday to ensure your holiday spending is local and in support of agriculture. See what three different small farms are doing below, and plan to visit a small farm business on Small Business Saturday.
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A Cow Whip Maker and a True Artisan

How the art of whip making can make you thankful to be in agriculture.

In my last column in Central Florida Ag News, I shared a few words belonging to my good friend KJ Smith, a cow whip maker and a true artisan. His thoughts on why he is still making cow whips after all these years made me think about how lucky we all are to be in the agriculture industry, even with all its ups and downs, and it seemed apt to share as we approach the holiday season. Read them below, and see if you agree.

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Recipes for Thanksgiving that Remind us to Thank a Farmer

These Thanksgiving recipes will make your meal and remind you to thank a farmer.

Farmers provide the ingredients and materials that feed, clothe, and house the country, but it’s definitely the wide array of food crops that go into making our favorite dishes that will prompt you to thank a farmer. This is especially true during Thanksgiving, where the day of feasting makes food-based commodities the star of the show. Find three Thanksgiving side dish recipes below that will have you and your guests wanting to thank a farmer for providing the quality ingredients that went into making such culinary masterpieces.Read More

Adara Richter, Executive Assistant and Community Events Guru

Meet Executive Assistant, Adara Richter

The orchestrator of AgAmerica’s community events and corporate giving campaigns.

When a company is greater than the sum of all its parts, it’s employees like Executive Assistant Adara Richter who work behind the scenes to help the company shine. She joined the AgAmerica team seven months ago as the Executive Assistant to President/CEO Brian Philpot and Vice President Mac Miller. Since then, she has taken on additional duties as well, stepping into the investor and business partner liaison role and heading community events like the company’s recent United Way Campaign. Explore her background, and her thoughts on working at AgAmerica, below.Read More

American Bankers Association National Agricultural Bankers Conference

Some of our outstanding AgAmerica Lending team members are heading to the National Agricultural Bankers Conference this November 12th-15th.

AgAmerica’s President/CEO Brian Philpot, Vice President Mac Miller, and Chief Lending Officer Colin Clyne will be heading to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, November 12th through the 15th to attend the National Agricultural Bankers Conference. It’s hosted by the American Bankers Association (ABA), in cooperation with the Wisconsin Bankers Association. The ABA Conference will address topics like managing risk, the economic outlook, and strategies for succeeding in an evolving ag market. See details of the National Agricultural Bankers Conference below.

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What AgAmerica is Giving Thanks for in 2017

Read the top 10 reasons why the AgAmerica team is giving thanks this year.

It’s the season of giving thanks, and we at AgAmerica Lending have so much to be thankful for. We’re thankful that we get to live in such a great country, and that we get to work day in and day out helping some of the finest people in that country: those who feed, clothe, and supply America. We’re grateful for how much our company has grown and expanded, giving us the opportunity to better serve the agriculture industry in all corners of the country.

Our employees have many reasons for giving thanks as well. From family to friends and coworkers to borrowers, we wanted to share 10 things our employees are thankful for.

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Adams Ranch Annual Bull and Heifer Auction

Get the details of the Adams Ranch Annual B&H cattle auction: the oldest, continuous cattle auction in Florida.

Cattle ranching has deep roots in Florida. The first cattle to step foot in the sandy soils of The Sunshine State did so alongside Spaniard Ponce de Leon in the 1500s, making Florida the oldest cattle state in the country. Adams Ranch honors that legacy with their Annual Bull and Heifer Auction, Florida’s oldest continuous ranch cattle auction. It’s slated for November 9th, with an Annual Field Day on the 8th. See the details of the event below, and make plans to say hello to the AgAmerica team if you plan on going in person.

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AgAmerica Eats: Up Your Game with Wild Game and Hunting Recipes

Find some great recipes featuring the game you’ve hunted.

Fall is prime hunting season, and your success will mean you’ll need a recipe or two to go along with your game. Wild game recipes need to hit just the right notes, as meat from wild animals has a different flavor from domesticated animals, which is referred to as ‘gamey.’ Generally, good game meat recipes are those with a lot of other strong flavors that can match the natural flavors of the meat. Find three tried-and-true wild game recipes below that are sure to cap off a successful hunt, below.Read More

Employee Highlight: Courtney Eelman- Ag Lending Done Right

With AgAmerica Lending’s new Chief Credit Officer, Courtney Eelman, you’ll always get what’s right, not what is easy.

Ag lending, like the ag industry itself, is a sector that is unique from all others. It also requires unique knowledge and experience to both be successful and do what’s right for the client. That need for experience and know-how is evident in AgAmerica’s Chief Credit Officer, Courtney Eelman, who works by the motto “Do what’s right, not what is easy.” With a wealth of experience and knowledge in financing ag operations, it’s a definite advantage to have her on our ag lending team. Explore her background and experience, and hear some of her bits of wisdom for those considering an agricultural loan.Read More

A Look at the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference

Explore the details of the Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference.

Florida’s agriculture industry offers complex financial and business challenges that must be overcome for success.  Providing the tools and strategies to overcome those challenges is the focus of The Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference (FAFMC). Set for November 2nd and 3rd, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida, the conference “addresses key financial issues growers and producers face,” according to the FAFMC website. Explore the who, the what, and the why of the 7th annual Florida Agriculture Financial Management Conference, below.Read More