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History of the Florida State Fair

The history of the Florida State Fair spans 114 years

The Florida State Fair opened February 8th in Hillsborough County and runs through the 19th, and there are many attractions to see and rides to check out. Have you ever wondered how much today’s Florida State Fair compares to fairs of yesteryear? The 2018 fair is the 114th year the event has been held, and agriculture has been a part of the festivities since the beginning. Before you go, explore the history of the Florida State Fair below.Read More

Current Trending Crops: Kale, Collards, & Cauliflower

Vegetables like kale, collards, and cauliflower are trending crops

These crops are rising in consumer demand and making them good candidates for growers looking to diversify.

Farmers are always on the lookout for trending crops that are a good option for diversifying. Growers want crops that are sure to find a buyer; the best way to identify such crops is to look to those commodities that are enjoying the spotlight on restaurant menus, cooking shows, and in consumer’s estimations. Crops such as kale, collards, and cauliflower are currently high in consumer demand, and as such are excellent candidates for growers who want additional crops to diversify their operation. Explore the options, below.Read More

Don Harden Talks History and AgriFacts in Florida Forestry

Explore the economic contributions of the Florida forestry industry.

In my latest column in Central Florida Ag News, I discussed the impressive contributions of the Florida forestry industry to the state’s economy. The U.S. forestry industry took a hit with the collapse of the housing industry in 2008, but the Florida forestry industry has bounced back in a big way. The statistics to prove it are found in the report: Economic Contributions of the Forest Industry and Forest-based Recreation in Florida in 2016, released by UF/IFAS. I have a lot of experience in land purchasing and forestry management, so I was pleased to read about the industry’s rebound and continued growth in Florida. See highlights from the report below so you can toot the Florida forestry industry’s horn, too.Read More

Farmers’ Market Boot Camp for Tennessee Farmers

See the options for Tennessee Farmers for the Farmers’ Market Boot Camp.

Those in the ag industry are always on the lookout for more ways to diversify their offerings. One way to add income to your agribusiness is by taking produce and value-added products to a farmers’ market. Tennessee farmers interested in exploring the rules and requirements for starting a food business should sign up for one of six Farmers’ Market Boot Camps being held around the state in late January and early February. See the details below.Read More

NCBA Topics: What’s on the Table for Convention and Trade Show

2018 Cattle Industry Convention & NCBA Topics

Explore the NCBA topics that will be discussed at the largest, and oldest cattle industry convention.

The cattle industry is one of the oldest ag industries in the country, and the NCBA Cattle Industry Convention and Trade Show is the largest, and oldest cattle industry convention. Scheduled for January 31st to February 2nd in Phoenix, Arizona, the show is full of presentations, meetings, and seminars on NCBA topics that will address the concerns and challenges of working in the cattle industry today. The AgAmerica Lending team will also be at booth #105 to discuss our cattle ranch loans with attendees. See the NCBA topics that will be front and center at the convention and trade show below.Read More

Recent Weather is a Blessing for Southeast Peach Farmers

Southeast peach farmers might be getting an answer to their prayers—a winter with cold weather.

There’s no denying that this year’s winter weather has been much different from the weather of the past two years. For Southeast peach farmers, that’s a good thing. While the freezing temperatures might not match everyone’s ideal weather for the Southeast’s winter season, those chilly temperatures equate to a better peach harvest for farmers south of the Mason-Dixon line. Find out why this year’s arctic blast is a blessing for Southeast peach farmers below.Read More

AgAmerica Takes a Look at a Pro Rodeo Versus a Ranch Rodeo

Explore the differences between pro rodeos and ranch rodeos.

If you’re like most people in the ag industry, there’s one word that gets your heart beating and the excitement flowing: rodeo! There are two different types of rodeos—pro rodeos and ranch rodeos—and while they are both a lot of fun, the purpose of ranch rodeos is to uphold the traditions and experiences of life on the farm. Explore the differences between pro rodeos and ranch rodeos, below.Read More

Poultry Industry Update on Egg Products Inspection

See proposed changes to egg products inspection rules.

There may still be debate over whether the egg or the chicken came first, but if a newly proposed rule for egg products inspection is approved, there will be little difference between the inspection levels of eggs and poultry. Proposed in early January by the USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the recommended changes would amend current egg products inspection rules and require the modernization of egg products plants’ inspection systems and make egg products safer for consumption. See the details of the proposed changes below.Read More

On the AgAmerica Calendar: January Trade Shows and Conferences

See all the trade shows and conferences the AgAmerica team will be attending in January to connect with those in the ag industry.

January is a busy month for ag trade shows and conferences, and our team at AgAmerica Lending is kicking off 2018 with a commitment to connect with farmers and growers in order to provide the best service. We’ll be traveling all over the Southeast to meet with growers and producers in person. Check out where we’ll be this month, below, and then make plans to stop by and say hello!Read More

End of Year Agribusiness Planning

Don’t leave this important piece out of your agribusiness planning.

The year is coming to a close, and 2018 is fast approaching. It’s prime time to focus on end-of-the-year agribusiness planning, both for 2017 taxes and planning for 2018. We shared a list last December to help farms and ranches with the basics of their agribusiness planning, and that list is still a great tool to use for planning with an eye on saving money. Another option that those who own agribusinesses should consider during end-of-year planning is savings from retirement planning. Explore options below and see how retirement planning can save you money.

Read More