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St. Patrick’s Day, Green Beer, and the Florida Hops Industry

St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t always about wearing green and drinking a pint, but for the modern celebration the Florida hops industry is paving the way for great, locally grown beer.

The story of Florida hops seems to be one under the spell of the Luck of the Irish. As everything green is celebrated on St. Patrick’s Day, especially green beer, it’s only fitting to examine the latest Florida hops industry news. Hops are the flower of a vining plant that are integral in the beer-making process. Though they don’t make beer green, they are a major cash crop for many growers, especially those in the Pacific Northwest. However, recent developments indicate Florida hops growers could be able to cash in on the pot of hops gold at the end of the rainbow.Read More

Be Your Own Agvocate

Connect with consumers and control the narrative with these helpful Agvocate resources.

Along with feeding and clothing the world, today’s farmers and ranchers are tasked with educating consumers, dispelling myths, and serving as advocates for the agriculture industry. This may sound like a tall order – but thanks to modern technology, it’s easier than ever for producers to engage with a broad, receptive audience and agvocate for agriculture.

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Cattle Industry: History of the Cow Dog

Dogs, such as the Florida cow dog, are an integral part of many cattle operations; see how the relationship came to be.

Step foot on most ranches, and chances are, you’ll find a dog. While you might think the canine is simply a family pet, it’s likely a bona fide working dog that does double duty as a pet and a first-rate cowhand. Dogs are well-known as man’s best friend, but they also work very well as one of man’s top helpers on the ranch. It’s a common saying that “a well-trained cow dog is worth the work of several cowhands.” Explore the history of working dogs, like the Florida cow dog, and the special place cattle dogs have on the ranch, below.Read More

Agricultural Safety Awareness Week: Keeping Kids Safe on the Farm

Use these Agricultural Safety Awareness Week tips to keep kids safe on the farm.

Introducing production agriculture to young children is important – maybe even critical – as they are our next generation of farmers and ranchers. However, farming can be hazardous, and there are several agricultural safety precautions that must be taken to ensure kids remain safe.
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Row Crop Focus on Growing Tomatoes Commercially and Industry Update

Explore the ins and outs of growing tomatoes commercially.

Tomatoes are one of the nation’s most popular vegetables–or is it one of the most popular fruits? Debate as to which side of the produce aisle tomatoes belong on aside, tomatoes are in high demand. Growing tomatoes commercially can be a lucrative operation, but the potential for great profits is accompanied by great risk. Take a look at the state of the commercial tomato industry.Read More

‘Georgia Grown’ and What’s in Season This Time of Year

Read the news about Georgia Grown and what’s in season in Georgia now and in the coming months.

Georgia is a leading agriculture-producing state, ranking 14th in the nation. Georgia’s ag industry is getting a helping hand with a new slogan by the Georgia Department of Agriculture to highlight the ag-friendly nature of the state. Explore the new developments of Georgia Grown and what’s in season in the upcoming months, below.Read More

AgriTechnology Focus: USDA NIFA Update on Collaborative Robotics Research

See how advancements in agritech and robotics are getting a leg up from the USDA.

The worlds of agritech and robotics are coming together as both the ag industry and agritech developers are seeing the benefits of utilizing collaborative robotics in agriculture. This fast-developing relationship got a leg up with an announcement in early January concerning support for collaborative robotics development through the joint National Robotics Initiative. Read more about the support for agritech and robotics below.Read More

How the Peanut Genome Initiative is Helping the Long-Term Sustainability of the Peanut Industry

Explore how peanut research by the Peanut Genome Consortium is advancing the peanut industry. 

The peanut industry is a booming one in the U.S., and it’s about to get a leg up from the successful completion of the peanut research of the Peanut Genome Initiative. A team of international scientists have succeeded in mapping the genome of the peanut, which will allow peanut breeders, researchers, and growers to get the most out the peanut plant. See how this scientific breakthrough benefits the peanut industry below. Read More

Conclusions on America’s Diverse Family Farming Traditions

Don Harden shares the numbers and trends of family farming traditions. 

In my latest column in Central Florida Ag News, I shared the facts and figures found in America’s Diverse Family Farms, 2017 Edition. It’s a publication from the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) examining the family farming traditions we all hold so dear. As I explained in my column, the report seeks to better understand conditions within our diverse farming sector through classifying farms by factors like annual revenue and ownership rather than by U.S. averages. In case you missed it, we’ll discuss the top five takeaways concerning family farming traditions here.Read More