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Profitable Cash Crops Create Financial Opportunities for U.S. Farmers

Explore the wide variety of valuable cash crops and the benefits of growing them.

More than a century ago, cash cropping was introduced into agricultural communities for the sole purpose of generating additional income. When farmers began planting for upcoming seasons, they would add extra rows of certain crops with the intent of selling the surplus to generate additional income that could be used to support their families or to make payments on farm debt. Read More

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Decrease Your Farm Production Costs by Fixing These 5 Common Mistakes

Check out these easy-to-implement tips for reducing the cost of farm production and improving profit margins.

Running a farm can be a costly endeavor, especially when there are uncontrollable factors that affect the profitability of a farm—weather disturbances and commodity prices, for example. However, there are plenty of elements within a farmer’s control that can decrease farm production costs. Many farmers are unaware of the opportunities they’re missing, not knowing that some minor adjustments could have a huge impact in reducing farming costs. Here are some of the most common (and costly) mistakes that farmers make and the small fixes that can lead to big cost-savings when it comes to farm expenses.Read More

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The Journey to Recovery and Reforestation After Hurricane Michael

Learn more about the importance of timber reforestation and how those in the forestry industry are recovering from storm damage

Rebuilding homes and businesses is always a priority after a hurricane, but often, forests are also devastated by the raging storms and require timber reforestation. That’s certainly been the case in the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, a category four hurricane that slammed into the Florida panhandle and the southwest corner of Georgia in October 2018.Read More

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U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Work to Ensure Food Safety and Quality

Learn more about our nation’s food safety regulations and find out how growers across the nation are doing their part to keep consumers safe.

The importance of food quality and safety can’t be overstated. According to the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, each year millions of Americans are medically treated for foodborne illnesses as a result of poor food safety practices. Because of the seriousness of food safety, farmers recognize the high stakes of keeping our nation protected from contaminants and harmful pathogens, and therefore employ several best practices to reduce potential safety risks.Read More

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Best Practices for Summer Farming

Farmers across the nation are preparing for the seasonal shift to summer using these best practices.

With June 21 marking the official first day of summer, now is the perfect time to discuss summer farming, which for many farmers (especially those in production agriculture) is the busiest season of the year.

In this article we discuss summer farming techniques to enhance your ag operation and best practices for remaining safe on the farm during the season.

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Military Veterans Grow Successful Careers in U.S. Agriculture Industry

Find out what makes agriculture a perfect fit for many of our nation’s veterans and learn more about the organizations and programs supporting them.

On this Memorial Day, AgAmerica Lending would like to show our respect and appreciation for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. We thank the courageous individuals who have served or are actively serving in the military, as well as their devoted families. We would also like to recognize the organizations and not-for-profits that support our veterans.

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