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The Future of Hydroponics

Hydroponics is Shaping the New Way of Indoor Farming

The activity of indoor farming through hydroponics – growing plants without soil, instead using a nutrient-rich solution to deliver water and minerals to their roots – is a unique way to help produce enough food to sustain a growing population. This way of farming has been around since the 1930s, and the thinking behind it was simply to control the environmental factors that plants face outside to produce a greater output of crops. Hyrdoponics is a subset of hyrdroculture for growing plants without soil.Read More

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The History Behind the Poinsettia Plant

Celebrate National Poinsettia Day

And Learn about this beautiful plant that is closely associated with the holiday season

With National Poinsettia Day taking place on December 12 and poinsettias often considered the official plant of Christmas, this month is the perfect time to learn more about the history of poinsettias.Read More

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Oregon State Agriculture Continues to Prosper

Take a look at Oregon’s top agricultural commodities

Home to 34,200 farms and more than 16 million acres of farmland, Oregon has a diverse agricultural industry. With over 250 commodities grown across the state, second to California in the number of agricultural commodities produced, the agricultural industry is highly profitable and a major economic driver. The state’s annual agricultural production is valued at $3.5 billion, and nearly 10 percent of Oregon’s economy is related to agriculture. Additionally, approximately one in 12 Oregon jobs are tied to the agriculture industry (that’s a total of 140,000 jobs), and about 60,000 of those jobs are on farms.Read More

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Southeast Vegetable & Fruit Expo Upcoming

AgAmerica to Attend the Southeast Vegetable & Fruit Expo in North Carolina

On December 14-15, the North Carolina Vegetable Growers Association will host its 33rd Annual Southeast Vegetable & Fruit Expo in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The conference will feature educational sessions discussing topics such as, pickling cucumber production, sweet potato production, tomato & pepper production, seedless watermelon, food safety, and more.Read More

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The Rise of Technology & Drone Use in Agriculture

The Use of Agritech is Changing the Agriculture World

The use of technology in agriculture has allowed farmers and agribusinesses to become more efficient, profitable, and environmentally conscious. With sophisticated technologies like robots, temperature and moisture sensors, aerial images, and GPS, today’s farmers can automate agricultural processes such as harvesting, soil maintenance, planting, and irrigation.Read More

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Year-End Tax Tips for Farmers and Ranchers

Discover 8 tax tips for the new year.

As the end of the year approaches, it’s the perfect time to begin organizing your receipts and financial paperwork to prepare for the upcoming tax season. The tax filing deadline for Federal Income Tax Returns is Monday, April 15, 2019.Read More

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Family Farms Remain Critical to U.S. Agriculture

Find out how family farms contribute to the nation’s ag industry

There’s no denying the importance of family farming. The USDA reports family farms as an essential part of United States (U.S.) agriculture, contributing approximately 99 percent of America’s 2.1 million farms, and 89 percent of agricultural production. A family farm is classified as any farm organized as a sole proprietorship, partnership, or family corporation, excluding farms organized as nonfamily corporations or cooperatives, as well as farms with hired managers.Read More

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