Land Loan FAQs

Applying for a loan can be tricky. Let us explain the answers to the most common questions.

1. Where is AgAmerica located and where do you make loans?
AgAmerica is headquartered in Lakeland, Florida. We are a national brand and can lend across the United States.
2. What’s the best way to contact AgAmerica to talk about my financial goals?
We’d love to speak, chat, email, or meet with you face to face - whichever form is most comfortable for you. You can call us Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST or message us at
3. Can AgAmerica work with foreign nationals on loan packages?
Unfortunately not at this time. AgAmerica services the United States and US citizens or permanent resident aliens only.
4. What is the best AgAmerica program for me?
You can count on a thorough consultation with our loan officers who will analyze your unique financial goals and build you a custom loan package to meet your needs. We never take a one-size-fits all approach. Plus there is no cost for an initial in-house underwriting assessment.
5. Can AgAmerica help me through the paperwork process?
Absolutely we can. Our sales and underwriting teams are ready to help and can work alongside your CPA or financial adviser to assist this process.
6. Do you have a minimum credit score requirement?
Yes, AgAmerica’s minimum credit score is 680, however exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis. Give us a call and we’ll talk you through our loan program parameters.
7. How do I get started financing land?
We love it when our clients make the first call. When you’re ready to take that first step in applying for a land loan, you can contact us one of two ways:
  1. Call us Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm EST at 1.855.898.2265
  2. Fill out our simple loan request form here.
Our land loan specialists will walk you through the process and discuss your financial goals and lending needs. Download & complete our Initial Land Loan Inquiry form – we’ll review it during the initial consultation call.
8. Does AgAmerica offer 100% financing?
No, much like other lenders AgAmerica does not offer 100% financing. On a first mortgage, we lend up to 75% based on the value of your collateral property.
9. What kind of loans are available to buy land?
We understand that there is no “one-size-fits-all” approach when it comes to land lending. That’s why we custom build land loan packages to help you achieve your financial goals. These packages include 10-year interest-only lines of credit, 30-year term loans, and even bridge loans. Explore all of our land loan options.
10. How do I qualify for a farm loan?
There are four qualifications you must meet to be eligible for a land loan with AgAmerica.
  1. You must own or plan to buy 25+ acres of agricultural land.
  2. The total loan amount you’re seeking must be $50,000 or more.
  3. The loan amount must be less than 75% of the property’s value.
  4. You must be an American citizen or US resident alien.
After being verified as a loan candidate, you’re ready to schedule a consultation with our land loan specialists. Visit our Loan Eligibility Verification page to get started.
11. How long are your terms for financing land?
AgAmerica’s unique spectrum of land loan products have terms (lengths) ranging from 18 months to 30 years. While the specific terms vary by product, you can have confidence that every loan package is custom-built with our client's financial goals in mind. Numerous factors influence the terms of your potential loan package; first and foremost are your motivations and priorities. Our borrowers typically qualify for more than one of our lending programs, and the products they select are ultimately their preferences.
12. Can I get a loan using my land as collateral?
Absolutely. Often times, your most valuable asset is the very land your operation sits on. Whether it’s been in the family for generations or the beginning of a legacy all your own, land is at the heart of everything it means to be a farmer, rancher, or timberland owner.  It also represents a prime piece of collateral when you apply for an agricultural land loan. To brush up on how to use your property as collateral when you apply for a land loan, click here. If you’re already an ag land owner, using the equity you already have in your land creates an opportunity to refinance short-term and intermediate debt (like machinery debt). In some cases, we’ve been able to lower our clients’ monthly interest payments by over 50%, saving them thousands each year.
13. Are AgAmerica land loans for farmers only?
No. AgAmerica’s land loans are for anyone looking to purchase or refinance 25 or more acres of agricultural-zoned land. AgAmerica can finance agricultural farm and ranch properties, citrus grove conversions, rural home estates, recreational land, and even raw land parcels. Our land loans can help you reduce your annual payments, expand your operation, buy more land, or recover from a previous year. Learn more about how we’ve changed the way today’s ag land owners finance their dreams.
14. Does AgAmerica offer loans for hunting land?
We sure do. Whether you’re a hunter, hiker, angler, bird watcher, or conservationist, AgAmerica can finance your recreational land purchase with customized 18 months to 30-year terms so you can enjoy your hunting property now, and for years to come. Learn more about our Recreational Land Loan program and review its parameters.


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