Aaron Walters

The Face of AgAmerica

Aaron Walters joined AgAmerica Lending in 2016 as a Credit Processor.

Born and raised in Lakeland, Florida, Aaron spent much of his early life assisting his father in running a Polk County marine construction business. He later attended Lakeland Senior High School where he was active in the National Honor Society, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, varsity football, and wrestling. Aaron attended the University of Florida where he received his Bachelor’s degree in Wildlife Conservation and Ecology.

Upon graduating college, Aaron moved to northeast Kentucky to live and work on his father’s small sheep farm. He assisted in the construction of a new barn, stables, and several hundred yards of new fencing while maintaining a healthy stockpile of dry chopped wood for the stove which warmed the house. The following year, Aaron moved back to Lakeland where he began a 3-year stint as a nuisance wildlife trapper and certified field trainer for a multi-state pest and wildlife removal company. His emphasis on effective communication and quality customer service led to significant business growth in the local market. During this time, he developed an interest in finance while maintaining his love for agriculture and the outdoors.

Aaron lives in Lakeland with his wife Liz. Outside the office, Aaron enjoys freshwater fly fishing, turkey hunting, duck hunting, training his Toller retriever, and hosting semi-monthly game nights with his closest friends.