Angie Peebles

Angie Peebles is an Appraisal Management Coordinator for AgAmerica, joining the company in August 2020. She has been involved in operational management since 2006 and holds an Associate of Arts in Merchandising from the International Academy of Design.

Her career portfolio includes extensive experience within customer relations since 1990. She has worked with prestigious corporations including Food Partners, Inc., Sysco, and Guest Services, Inc. Throughout these roles, Angie gained experience in day-to-day operations management, growth implementation, client consultation, inventory purchasing, and more. Outside of her professional background, Angie is an active fundraising volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club of Polk County.

As an Appraisal Management Coordinator for AgAmerica Lending, Angie works closely with the Chief Appraiser and manages the establishment of an efficient project management system. She delegates information for forward planning strategy and fields communications with stakeholders. She also executes preliminary research on appraisal initiatives and manages follow up with prospective clients. In her role, Angie prioritizes organization and strong communication in order to enhance the client experience throughout the appraisal process.