Brevyn Foreman

Brevyn Foreman is a Retail Production Coordinator at AgAmerica Lending, joining the team in June 2019. He is a University of Florida graduate, earning a B.S. degree in forest resources and conservation as well as a Master of Agribusiness degree.

Brevyn’s passion for agriculture began when he joined the FFA program and remained an active member throughout his high school career. During his master’s program, Brevyn worked with two UF professors on their family farm. It was here he assisted in the maintenance of their pecan grove and helped with pine stand restoration. His time spent on the farm instilled a deep appreciation of the natural resources available on earth and the importance of being good stewards of our land.

Brevyn started at AgAmerica as an underwriting intern while completing his master’s degree. He further developed his expertise as an underwriter before transitioning to Retail Production Coordinator, working directly with the sales team and clients. His responsibilities in this role include analyzing financial statements and effectively communicating with borrowers to ensure all necessary documents are provided. He enjoys building lasting relationships with clients in order to best help them directly throughout the loan making process.