Cindy Price

The Face of AgAmerica

Cindy Price joined AgAmerica Lending in April of 2015 as the Closing & Servicing Manager.

She has 13 years’ experience in the commercial real estate business (towers and commercial buildings) where she managed/accounted for over 600 revenue leases, implemented controls and processes for revenue accounting, audits, new leases, amendments and acquisitions.

Prior to that, Cindy worked 6 years for a global architect company assisting the controller and CFO in acquisitions, and also was the accountant and manager for their large 401(k) internal portfolio.

Cindy has also had 7 years’ experience working for a commercial real-estate broker where she was the full charge controller for 50+ consolidated entities, accounted for over 200 promissory notes, and administrated their IT department.

Cindy and her husband Bob enjoy golf and fishing together. In addition, Cindy enjoys playing piano, gardening, and crafting in her free time.