Daniel Goodkind

Daniel Goodkind is a Financial Analyst for AgAmerica Lending, joining the team in November 2020. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance from the University of Miami Herbert Business School with minors in economics and psychology.

In 2017, while working towards his degree, Daniel began his career with SoCal BioMed—a leading supply of laboratory equipment and supplies across the United States and Canada. In this role he conducted market research to identify current budget, inventory, and equipment needs for laboratories in the University of Miami Health System. He later expanded his experience as a Private Equity Analyst Intern for Axios Holdings.  His final internship at a reputable investment and wealth management company turned into a full-time position as an Associate Portfolio Manager where he assisted in the U.S. equity and alternative strategy research process. During this time, Daniel played a critical role in the implementation of client-oriented investment portfolios for nearly two years prior to joining the AgAmerica team.

In his role as Financial Analyst for AgAmerica Lending, Daniel works firsthand with the intricacies of agribusiness to track financial performance and help senior management make tactical and strategic decisions regarding our portfolio. He has a passion for finding creative solutions to complex problems and enjoys the fast-paced variety of projects he takes on. Through his wide range of experiences, Daniel has cultivated a love for efficiency and effective analytical reporting that helps AgAmerica better serve the needs of our clients.