Jordan Shipley

Jordan Shipley joined the AgAmerica Lending team in March 2017 and serves as a Corporate Relationship Manager based in Texas. Jordan is a native Texan, whose first loves include athletics, land, and the outdoors.

Jordan is a former University of Texas Longhorn two-time All-American wide receiver and third round draft choice of the Cincinnati Bengals. He holds most of the All-Time University of Texas receiving records, as well as nearly all of the Texas High School records in those categories. Jordan led AFC rookies in receptions in his NFL rookie season before suffering a near career ending knee injury in his second season. He returned to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Jacksonville Jaguars for the remainder of his NFL career. He was inducted into the Texas High School Football Hall of Fame in 2015.

Jordan graduated from UT with a degree in Kinesiology in 2008. After his football days, he began co-hosting The Bucks of Tecomate TV show on Outdoor Channel (one of the top performing outdoor TV shows in history) and has participated in various ranch real estate deals and projects as both an investor and later, as an agent. Tecomate became a nationally recognized name in the outdoor community by growing bigger native South Texas deer than anyone had ever seen – by essentially sourcing (and farming) crops from all over the world specifically to provide the most incredible nutrition for deer. Crops like “Lab Lab” (40% crude protein) helped to provide jumps in Boone & Crockett scores for wild deer. Jordan’s experiences with Tecomate, coupled with those in ranch real estate, have given him an extensive understanding of Texas recreational land, and he has family and close friends in both the commodity farming and cattle ranching industries.

Jordan is an owner and board member of Tecomate Holdings. His love for helping people, stewarding land, and the outdoors, as well as unparalleled drive and determination have enabled him to excel in his current pursuits. He considers his faith of the upmost importance and strives to do business in a way that reflects that.

Jordan frequently serves as a keynote speaker in the fields of faith, athletics, and the outdoors. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife Sunny, a songwriter, and their English Bulldog, Woodrow.