Manda Patrick

The Face of AgAmerica

Manda Patrick joined the AgAmerica team in March 2015 as the VP of Sales, bringing with her a passion for agriculture, innovation, and helping the family farmer.

Manda grew up in the farming community of Portland, Michigan where she could be found playing in the fields and befriending the farm animals. With a taste for adventure, she moved to Nashville, TN to attend Middle Tennessee State University, where she found her love for sales. Sales was a way for Manda to help others solve problems.

It was during her nearly 10 years at Rural Media Group, home of RFD-TV, that Manda found a way to combine her passion for sales and agriculture. Starting at the bottom and working her way up, it wasn’t long before her go-getter attitude took her to the executive team where she oversaw the distribution of Rural Media Group’s family of networks. Manda loved the challenge of bringing an independent network to an industry ran by large media conglomerates and proving the importance of agriculture and rural programming.

At AgAmerica Lending, Manda continues to help the American farmer by providing them with the financial resources to cultivate their legacy for generations to come.