Margaret Hogan

Margaret Hogan is Chief Information Officer for AgAmerica, joining the team in December 2020. She earned her bachelor’s degree in English literature at the University of Montana and her master’s degree in business administration from Portland State University.

Prior to AgAmerica, Margaret worked at Tech Data—a global IT distributor with $37 billion of revenue operating in 100 countries—as a global vice president in IT running the worldwide analytics and data team. With the help of her team, she established the company’s cloud-based advanced analytics platform, propelling data science and machine learning forward. Concurrently, she partnered across the company to drive large-scale digital transformation initiatives. In other roles at the company, Margaret worked on the team that launched two new ecommerce platforms improving customer experience and modernizing the tech stack.

In previous roles, Margaret has worked as a manager at Epiq Systems —a global leader in the legal services industry. During this time, Margaret took on large-scale and complex tasks for corporate counsel, law firms, and more to provide clarity, efficiency, and confidence throughout the experience. From operations to payment processing, Margaret implemented the ongoing use of multiple database technology while improving data standardizations and securities across departments.

As Chief Information Officer at AgAmerica Lending, Margaret manages application development, data & analytics, IT security and infrastructure. Data and technological innovation are her highest priorities, to provide clients and our internal team with best in class capabilities as AgAmerica continues to evolve as a company. From enhancing our central servicing capabilities to streamlining the cohesion of marketing and production, Margaret uses technology to create a scalable and secure platform while positioning the company for continued market share opportunities. She brings her comprehensive background in data and development to AgAmerica with a commitment to implement innovative technology that will make the loan production process efficient, simple, and secure for all stakeholders involved.