Sebastian Mora

Sebastian Mora is a Lead Systems Analyst for AgAmerica Lending, joining the team in July
2020. Along with an associate degree in liberal arts from Polk State College, he holds several
IT-related certifications. Sebastian’s ten years of IT career expertise includes influences from
Publix Super Markets, Watson Clinic, and Dell Business Enterprise.

Prior to AgAmerican, Sebastian was a System Engineer at DSM Technology Consultants,
where he was responsible for implementing and managing Colo, Cloud-Based platforms,
DPaaS, DRaaS, Managed IT solutions for clients.

In his role as Lead Systems Analyst, Sebastian utilizes his advanced knowledge of enterprise
software and hardware to implement IT solutions and troubleshoot technological disruptions as
they occur. His problem-solving mindset enables him to investigate elevated issues and seek
solutions before they become more complex issues. He monitors network-related systems and
produces analytical reports related to processes, security, and compliance. His extensive
professional IT experience enables him to help achieve AgAmerica’s goal of staying on the
frontlines of the rapidly evolving world of IT and cybersecurity.