Shelby Buchanan

In January 2020, AgAmerica Lending welcomed Content Development Coordinator Shelby Buchanan to the team. Shelby holds a B.A. degree with honors in psychology and minors in both public administration and mass communications from the University of North Florida.

As a seasoned content marketing specialist, Shelby brings a diverse perspective and sophisticated level of detail to her writing. Her academic background has helped shape her career as a content writer. Since 2018, she has managed her own freelance copywriting agency, producing content for industries ranging from holistic wellness to influencer marketing. Shelby is also a certified hatha yoga instructor who enjoys sharing her passion for homestead gardening and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

As Content Marketing Coordinator for AgAmerica, Shelby oversees the development of internal and external content for the company. Through her research and analysis of evolving agricultural trends, Shelby is able to create valuable resources that promote agriculture and financial literacy among our AgAmericans, as well as nation’s farmers and ranchers.