Shelby Buchanan

In January 2020, AgAmerica welcomed Content Development Coordinator Shelby Buchanan to the team. As a seasoned content marketing specialist, she brings a diverse perspective and a sophisticated level of detail to writing.

Shelby holds a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and a minor in public administration and mass communications from the University of North Florida. Her academic background has helped shape her career as a content developer. Since 2018, she has produced several written pieces for industries ranging from holistic wellness to influencer marketing.

Shelby is also a certified hatha yoga instructor who practices regularly to maintain a healthy work-life balance—which is vital to her most important role as a mother to her young daughter Penelope. During her free time, Shelby loves spending time outdoors, practicing yoga or working in her home garden. As a Lakeland transplant, she has truly enjoyed exploring our vibrant community.