Shelby Poling

Shelby Poling joined the AgAmerica Lending team in early 2015 and currently serves as Brand Manager.

Shelby attended the University of South Florida, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing with a minor in Sociology. At AgAmerica, she’s been able to integrate her appetite for art and storytelling with marketing to help the company tell their brand story. She enjoys working with her team to establish a seamless media plan and create the campaign pieces that tell the farmer who we are and what our mission is. She understands that there is a lot of heart and soul in the work AgAmerica does, and she appreciates being able to help the company bring that passion to light.

Shelby is a Florida native, born and raised in Lakeland. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, and indulging in various forms of art projects such as drawing, painting, and writing.