Zoe Mullins

Zoe Mullins is a Treasury Accountant for AgAmerica, joining the team in October 2020. She attended Milligan College in Tennessee where she earned her bachelor’s degree in accounting.

Zoe has worked in the accounting sector since 2017. She started as a Junior Accountant and was later promoted to Treasury Accountant at RANDALL Construction—a leading subcontractor based in Orlando that has served the Southeast regions since 1986. It was here she developed her professional skills in tracking and projecting cash flows. She was responsible for producing reports that reflected the company’s position and gained insights on the structure of a financially sound organization.

As a Treasury Accountant for AgAmerica Lending, Zoe utilizes her professional background in finance and accounting to ensure timely oversight, processing, and remitting of borrower cash receipts and maintain compliance with servicing agreements. She leads the adherence and further development of payment processes to evolve along with company growth. She has a sharp mind and keen eye when it comes to finance and enjoys thinking outside of the box, making her a valuable part of the AgAmerica team.