Georgia peanuts were front and center at the 30th annual Georgia Peanut Tour in Tifton, Georgia, this September 13–15.

There are many large ag commodities in Georgia, but as the official state crop, Georgia peanuts are king. Georgia is the top peanut-producing state, and their peanut industry was showcased at the 30th annual Georgia Peanut Tour. The tour was scheduled for September 13th through the 15th in Tifton, Georgia.

It offered a first-hand view of the industry in action with stops planned at production and handling operations as well as processing and utilization facilities. The Peanut Tour also presented the latest information for growers of Georgia peanuts. Read on for a summary of the presentations and tour stops of surrounding peanut operations.

Georgia Peanut Tour Topics

The Peanut Tour focused on discussing topics faced by those in the Georgia peanut industry. The “Hot Topics in Peanuts” event was September 13th at the Georgia Museum of Agriculture. The day’s topics were sponsored by The Georgia Peanut Commission and The University of Georgia. Topics included an “Update on 2016 Georgia Peanuts Crop,” “Production Practices,” and “Pest Management.” Speakers were those involved in the UGA departments or centers that focus on the peanut industry. Dinner and a tour were offered at the museum after the presentations were over.

Touring Georgia Peanut Operations

Another key part of the Georgia Peanut Tour was the tours of regional Georgia peanut industry facilities. Stops were planned in Ben Hill, Coffee, Irwin, and Tift Counties on the 14th and the 15th. Tours were held at the Premium Peanut LLC shelling plant, the Farm of Armond Morris, Golden Boy Foods, the Grimes Family Farm, and the Lang & Blackshank Farm to view the University of Georgia Research that is being conducted at the sites. Lunch and dinner were offered at a variety of different locations for the two days the tours were conducted.

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