See what topics were front-and-center at the Pecan Growers Association’s Fall Field Day.

Pecans are a fast-growing crop in the Southeast, so it’s no wonder the Pecan Growers Association’s Field Day was well-attended. Held September 7th, the field day was an event where pecan growers and others in the industry got together to learn, discuss, and share ideas. Held at the UGA Ponder Farm in Tifton, Georgia, this year’s meetings was chock-full of useful information. AgAmerica correspondent lender, Ethan Cooper, was in attendance to represent the AgAmerica Lending team and answer questions about our tree nut farm loans. See some of the events and topics that were front-and-center this year.

Details of the Pecan Growers Association’s Fall Field Day

The pecan industry has exploded in the US over the last few years, so events like this fall field day are a time for everyone in the industry to come together, learn the best practices of the industry, explore advances, and hear about solutions that research and extension have devised for issues affecting the industry.

Featuring a slew of eminent researchers and Extension agents from the University of Georgia, pecan growers were able to learn about new developments in treatment and scientifically proven best management practices, according to an AgFax article about the event. This year’s event, which went from 9 a.m. to noon with a lunch afterwards, featured discussions and presentations on topics like:

  • Insect research.
  • Disease management strategies, such as for treating pecan scab disease.
  • Cultural management practices, such as irrigation and fertilization

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