They say nothing is as sure as change, and that’s certainly the case in agriculture. Farmers and ranchers know they have to combine resourcefulness and hard work to be successful in the face of daily challenges like Mother Nature and fluctuating markets. One option for diversification that many in the agriculture industry should consider is row crops. In many states, row crops like corn, cotton, peanuts, and potatoes can be a worthwhile investment for farms looking to diversify or expand.

Take the Florida citrus and row crop farmer who wanted to move from a long-term partnership to an independent operation specializing in corn and silage. However, he had four mortgages to pay. We found an innovative solution to his unique situation and refinanced his loans. He was then able to use the funds to convert his citrus fields to row crops and make improvements to the farm. In another instance, a Georgia family-run farm that grows row crops including corn and cotton, raises cattle and more, AgAmerica was able to consolidate their three existing loans, lower their payments, offer them an $800,000 revolving line of credit, and save them significant amounts of money in annual payments. Take a look at our success stories.

The benefits of investing in row crops include:

  • Farming diversification that can guard against market fluctuations
  • Increased income potential
  • Minimizing weather impacts and soil erosion when using crop rotation techniques
  • Reduction in disease and pests
  • Little or no land sitting fallow

Row crops are just one of many farm diversification ideas that farmers or ranchers can utilize to bolster their ag businesses. As farm loan specialists, our first concern is meeting the needs of our clients. We help agribusinesses grow their operations with our low interest rates, long amortizations, and outstanding 10-year line of credit.