As the nation’s premier land lender for agricultural loans and more, we like to take every opportunity we can to share our passion about agriculture. Recently, we were able to do so in a small way while at the same time supporting the local economy. When it came time to order some more business cards, we found a little company called A Fine Press in Lakeland, Florida. This small business, founded by Matthew Wengerd, is doing amazing work with their stationary and other services.

So, we asked him to help us create a business card that represents our commitment to the agriculture industry. Here’s the result: The rust-colored paper is made out of sugarcane.

That’s right, sugarcane— an agriculture commodity that has over 891,000 acres in the U.S. Most of the sugarcane grown on our soil comes from Florida and Louisiana, which according to 2012 statistics from the USDA account for over 90 percent of the total sugarcane area with 410,000 acres and 420,000 acres, respectively. The remainder of the nation’s sugarcane is grown in Texas and Hawaii.

With AgAmerica Lending’s long history of helping agribusinesses from coast to coast and everywhere in between to grow their operations, we’re more than pleased to show our support for the ag industry in this small way. It’s our pleasure to offer low interest rates on land loans and ag loans, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit.