Find answers about funding for agricultural producers.

If you’re thinking of getting into agriculture, or you’re already in agriculture and planning to expand, you likely have some questions about funding for agricultural projects. As the nation’s premier land lenders, we’re happy to provide some answers. Once we’ve addressed your initial questions below, find out how to contact us so we can answer your more complex questions and concerns on funding for agricultural producers.

Q&A on Funding for Agricultural Producers

You’ve got questions about how to get financing for your ag operation, lowering payments, and qualifying, and we’ve got the answers. Find the most common questions answered below by AgAmerica Lending team members.


Q:  Does AgAmerica have loans for farmland purchases?


A:  Yes! We offer funding for an array of land purchase types.  Whether you envision growing an ag operation, expanding your family farm with new land, or financing a dream recreational property or conservation refuge, our team of land lending experts will be able to help you make your vision a reality with custom-built loan packages to fit your needs. Read how we helped a Florida alligator farm expand by adding a cattle and hay operation with a custom land loan.


Q:  How do I finance my ag operation?


A:  We offer loan packages and products that help ag producers get the operating capital needed to run the family farm or ranch. For example, AgAmerica’s 10-year revolving line of credit can be used to finance seed, buy fertilizer or feed inputs, pay bills, or for any other business cost or expense. It gives you the ability to make financial decisions on your agribusiness’s schedule, with the additional benefits of no annual paperwork renewals, no prepayment penalties, and no mandatory resting periods. See how a 4th-generation family farm used a $400K line of credit from AgAmerica to prepare for the future generation.


Q:  Can you help me to reduce my current payments?


A:  Yes! We offer refinance loans that allow you to consolidate your debts into one payment with a lower interest rate. This can save you and your agribusiness thousands of dollars a year. We start by taking a look at all of your current farm debt (such as land, machinery, and input loans), and then we craft a custom refinance option to fit your operation’s needs. Read how we helped one North Carolina Angus cattle rancher to consolidate his debt and improve his operational flexibility.


Q: How do I qualify for a farm loan?


A:  If you’re looking for financing for land loans, there are four qualifications you must meet to be eligible for an AgAmerica land loan. They are:

  1. You must own or plan to purchase 50+ acres of agricultural land.
  2. The total loan amount you’re seeking must be $300,000 or more.
  3. The loan amount must be less than 70% of the property’s raw land value.
  4. You must be an American citizen or U.S. permanent resident alien.


If you have further questions about financing ag operations or would like to start the loan application process, contact us today to speak with an AgAmerica team member.