‘Tis the season to find a Christmas tree, and the facts will convince you that a real Christmas tree is the way to go.

The weather outside may be turning frightful, but your fire is so delightful, especially next to a Christmas tree decked out with ornaments and all the trimmings. If you haven’t put your tree up yet, and you’re still considering whether to get a real Christmas tree or go the artificial route, make sure you comb through the below facts to ensure your tree choice is the best one for your family and the environment.

Facts About a Real Christmas Tree

A live Christmas tree looks good, smells good, and has additional benefits, according to the National Christmas Tree Association.

  • A live Christmas trees grows for four to fifteen years before it’s cut, processing carbon dioxide into oxygen and absorbing carbon from the atmosphere all the while.
  • A real Christmas tree is a crop, meaning it will be replaced with a newly planted tree (or two or three!) as soon as the weather permits. Cutting a pine tree for your holiday enjoyment is the same as harvesting corn.
  • A live Christmas tree will continue to benefit the environment after the holidays are over. It can be made into wood chips or returned to the wild, serving as a home for woodland creatures before it is recycled naturally back into the land.
  • Buying a real Christmas tree benefits the family farms that make up a large portion of the approximately 15,000 Christmas tree operations in the U.S.

Facts About Fake Christmas Trees

If you’re considering an artificial Christmas tree for your home this holiday season, think again. Fake trees lose out when compared to the benefits of a real Christmas tree. Consider the following facts before you buy one for your home.

  • Artificial Christmas trees are made of metal and polyvinyl chloride plastic, known as PVC. The process to make them, box them up and ship them releases greenhouse gases and other pollutants.
  • Most fake trees are made in China.
  • Most people keep an artificial tree for a few years, and then they throw them out. A fake Christmas tree will then sit in a landfill forever.

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