With the New Year looming, find out what southeast foods are thought to bring a year’s worth of good luck.

If you’ve ever spent New Year’s Eve with people from the Southeast, then you’ve likely experienced the variety of southeast foods that are eaten to bring good fortune in the new year. Read on to find the options for the southeast foods you could make this New Year’s Eve to hedge your bets and maybe improve your luck for the coming year.

Lucky Southeast Foods

Greens. The color of money, greens are thought to increase anything to do with money—your fortune, your income, your winning—simply by eating them.

Beans. Beans’ resemblance to coins are also thought to increase your luck with money in the new year. With their abundance, and their variety, eating beans on New Year’s is supposed to bring a lot of luck. Most people have heard of the luck of eating black eyed peas, but you can also try your luck with any beans or lentils.

Grains and Noodles. Not all southeast foods that are considered good luck for the new year are about money. Eating grains like quinoa, rice or barley is thought to bring abundance, and eating noodles is believed to increase long life.

Fruit. Many fruits that are bite size—like grapes and pomegranate seeds—are believed to foretell the fortune of each month. One Mexican tradition is to eat twelve grapes at the stroke of midnight—one for each month—with a hard month being indicated by a sour grape. Pomegranate seeds are also thought to give prosperity, and figs are thought to impart fertility.

Pork. What could be luckier than a fat pig? Eating pork is thought to impart financial success, with a dish of lucky southeast foods—pork, beans and greens—called Hoppin’ John being a special favorite in the Southeast for New Year’s Eve.

Cake. Having your cake and eating it too is the best kind of luck! A cake’s round shape indicates continuity and endurance. Some even bake trinkets or coins in a cake for extra luck.

Fish. There are many stories concerning fish imparting good luck, wishes and increased fortune. With their scales resembling silver coins, eating fish on New Year’s is supposed to bring good fortune.

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