Colorado Recreational Landowner Improves Operational Flexibility with $908K Global Consolidation

Colorado Landowner Seeks Global Refinance for His Fly-Fishing Recreational Land

A Colorado landowner approached AgAmerica seeking a global refinance of his one of a kind fly-fishing property.

The Challenge:

The landowner had multiple bank and owner financed notes obligated across multiple organizations and personal guarantees. Even though the property is not a traditional “Farm and Ranch” property, AgAmerica was able to proceed with a loan under our recreational property financing.

The Solution:

AgAmerica consolidated the landowner’s global debt into a single term note and provided an additional $100,000 line of credit for contingencies, with 10 years of interest only payments, and no non-use fees by leveraging 176+/- acres of his land as collateral. The rancher now has the financial flexibility to make upgrades to the property as he sees fit.

As a nationwide agricultural lender, AgAmerica offers farmers and ranchers flexible loan programs with trusted lending advisors to help meet their operational needs. Speak to one of our Relationship Managers to learn more about our land loan programs.

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