The Drawbacks to 100% Farm Loan Financing

Are zero money down land loans a strength for American agriculture, or a weakness?

Zero down financing is a loan product that involves the financier to fund the full amount of the desired purchase without an initial down payment from the borrower. Although an attractive option for borrowers with limited cash flow when embarking on a new land investment endeavor, strings are frequently tucked into the fine print of these types of products and are a rarity among land loans. In fact, land and residential financing are commonly viewed the same yet carry distinct differences.Read More

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Restructuring Farm Debt

Create financial stability in lean economic times. 

In uncertain times, farmers and ranchers who are proactive about their financial situation are more apt to be able to play offense when the tides shift and new opportunities emerge. Liquidity is essential in maintaining the success of an agricultural operation but can prove difficult to obtain when you find yourself overleveraged and unable to stay ahead of a heavy debt load.

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How Farm Finances Have Changed in 2020

Shifts in the Economic Landscape and Farmer Sentiment

At the start of 2020, sentiment among American farmers was generally optimistic. The first phase of the U.S.-China trade agreement was underway with the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement right behind it. Farmer sentiment reached a record high in February and Secretary Perdue stated that Market Facilitation Program (MFP) payments would likely not be needed this year.

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The Accelerate Program: Securing Capital Fast

How to Quickly Access Working Capital with AgAmerica’s Accelerate Loan Program

In 2018, AgAmerica conducted an in-depth consumer insights study with the help of an experience design firm. We performed this analysis in order to better understand the financial needs of the farmers and ranchers we proudly serve. Through this study, AgAmerica found that the most used words by farmers to describe the lending process indicated a general unease when it came to obtaining financing for their operation.

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Employee Highlight: Courtney Eelman- Ag Lending Done Right

With AgAmerica Lending’s new Chief Credit Officer, Courtney Eelman, you’ll always get what’s right, not what is easy.

Ag lending, like the ag industry itself, is a sector that is unique from all others. It also requires unique knowledge and experience to both be successful and do what’s right for the client. That need for experience and know-how is evident in AgAmerica’s Chief Credit Officer, Courtney Eelman, who works by the motto “Do what’s right, not what is easy.” With a wealth of experience and knowledge in financing ag operations, it’s a definite advantage to have her on our ag lending team. Explore her background and experience, and hear some of her bits of wisdom for those considering an agricultural loan.Read More

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Top 10 Ag Finance Buzzwords

These ag finance buzzwords can add clarity when exploring the ins and outs of ag loans and the loan application process.

Interested in pursuing an agricultural land loan? As the nation’s premier agricultural lender, AgAmerica helps the country’s ranchers and farmers succeed in financing their agribusinesses. We aim to strengthen their operations with our custom loan packages featuring low interest rates, long amortizations, and an outstanding 10-year line of credit. Below is a list of common financial buzzwords and their definitions. Better understanding them will help you navigate the loan application process.Read More

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The Power of 10 to Back You Up: AgAmerica’s 10-year Line of Credit

AgAmerica’s 10-year line of credit is a common sense option for meeting the lending needs of those in the country’s agriculture industry.

Those in the industry know all too well about the ups and downs of running a successful ag operation— and that the lending needs of that operation could change on a dime. From machinery breakdowns and livestock vet bills to market changes and catastrophes like bad weather, a farmer’s or rancher’s need to borrow money or review all of their ag financing options can change quickly. That’s why AgAmerica created its unique, no-hassle 10-year line of credit: to give those in the ag industry the lending flexibility to meet any financial need their agribusiness might face without taking time away from the farm or ranch. Explore all the benefits and unique attributes of AgAmerica’s 10-year line of credit below.Read More

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In the Pasture: Ranch Land Management Challenges and Resources

Ranch land management challenges are many, but there are solutions for every obstacle.

The challenges of ranch land management are many, but the resourcefulness of the country’s cattlemen and women means no problem is insurmountable. Relying on a blending of tradition and innovation, cattle operations find ways to face the challenges of ranch land management and continue to prosper. We’ve rounded up some of the greatest hurdles as well as supplied resources and solutions below.Read More

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Berry Crop Updates: Strawberry and Blueberry Forecasts

The latest berry crop updates indicate opportunities and challenges for the country’s two favorite berries.

The respective seasons for the country’s two favorite berries—strawberries and blueberries—are quickly approaching. Both berries see their earliest harvests in Florida, with other southeast states like Georgia following closely. Keep reading for berry crop updates that indicate what’s in store for the growers of these two commodities.Read More

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