4 Key Business Relationships to Have in Your Inner Crop Circle

How To Help Your Farm Thrive in 2019

Find out how working with trusted ag lenders, crop consultants, insurance agents and attorneys can help your farm thrive.

Running a modern agricultural operation requires a diverse range of skills, including, but not limited to crop planting and management, soil fertility maintenance, financial planning and business expertise, sales and marketing know-how, and preparing for an uncertain future.

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3 Tips for Buying a Ranch Farm

Learn how to mindfully approach choosing and purchasing a ranch farm

Owning a ranch farm can be a very exciting and fulfilling experience, especially for those looking to pass the ranching traditions on to the next generation. However, it’s not an investment to be taken lightly — owning a ranch comes with a lot of responsibility.Read More

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Money Minute: New Year Financial Considerations for the Farm

New Year’s is a time for “out with the old and in with the new,” and that pertains to your farm or ranch as well. Since most agribusinesses utilize a calendar year, the end of the year signals a time to dot your “i”s and cross your “t”s concerning business matters like taxes, and to make plans for the upcoming year. Make sure you check the items off both sets of these Fiscal Consideration lists:

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Ag Business Tip: Team Up, Plan Ahead!

As any ag business is well-aware, a sound financial plan implementing a team approach is integral to running a successful ag operation.

A do-it-yourself approach just isn’t going to cut it. To secure your farm’s financial future, you need to bring together a solid team of advisors and experts that are well equipped and ready to help you assess all of the options, opportunities, and risks associated with your ag business.

Building a team will help you to solidify many facets of your operation, such as its

  • vision
  • goals
  • products
  • markets
  • timeframes
  • financial strategies
  • resources


Having a solid team will also help you to:

  • monitor financial performance
  • mitigate risks
  • make adjustments as needed
  • evaluate areas where you would do well to add assets to boost profitability.


Truth is, running an agricultural operation can be a risky and tricky business. The do-it-yourself approach might not work in the face of unforeseen setbacks. Risks – including production, yield, price, and market risks – as well as other aspects of agricultural risk, such as lack of diversification and politics, all must be identified, measured, and actively managed in order to secure the stability and success of your operation.

That’s where an ag lending team steps in, helping your ag operation deal with these risks and other setbacks, such as failing crops, unfavorable weather, decreased productivity, and fluctuating market prices. Plus, having a trusted ag lender on your team will help you secure unique opportunities that traditional lending institutions just can’t handle or support. What’s more, when it comes time to finance your much-needed assets, including items such as land, equipment, and new digital technology, your lender is your go-to farmland financing resource.

With several ag lending professionals holding strong backgrounds in farm, ranch, livestock, and farm operating lending, you’ll be happy to have AgAmerica as your lender. Whether it’s time to refinance a high interest ag loan or plant your next row crop, we are here to help you along the road to success!

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