Historical Moments in American Agriculture

Learn about the many significant agricultural inventions and developments in the U.S. through the decades.

As we celebrate Independence Day and reflect on our country’s history, we’re also considering how the many agricultural inventions and innovations in the U.S. have shaped our great nation. Read on to learn more about where we’re been – and where we’re going – in the U.S. agriculture industry.Read More

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Agritechnology and Beef Cattle: RFID Update

Technology has always helped agriculture to improve and succeed; RFID and cattle are a case in point.

The need to track cattle has been a requirement for beef cattle ranchers and dairy farmers alike for as long as there has been livestock to count, and new technology is making it easier than ever. Agritechnology concerning RFID and cattle is advancing in leaps and bounds, meaning an RFID—Radio-frequency identification—can do such more than simply identify the cattle in your herd. Explore the latest updates in livestock management using RFID tech for cattle below.Read More

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China Develops Weather-Modification Network to Improve Agricultural Productivity

Find out how China is using weather modification to increase rainfall and snowfall.

It’s been a rainy spring in the southeastern U.S., but it’s no secret that drought happens – and, unfortunately, it tends to sneak up on its victims, with its impact often felt for months or even years.

The Chinese know this all too well. To combat the low rainfall and resulting drought-like conditions in the Tibetan plateau and increase harvest productivity and food production in the area, the Chinese government is launching the world’s largest weather-control machine. Read More

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Women in Ag: A Tradition that Will No Doubt Continue

Read how the importance of women in ag is one of the many vital lessons agriculture can teach us.

Everywhere you look in agriculture, there are stories of the strength of our country’s family farming traditions. In my most recent column in Central Florida Ag News, I shared lessons that my own family ranch has taught me, and one of them was that women are an important part of the agriculture equation. Whether it’s a story of two daughters continuing their late father’s legacy on the family ranch or the lessons learned on a five-generation cattle and citrus operation, the family farm has always benefited from women in ag. With 97 percent of the nation’s farms falling under the “family farm” designation, women’s leadership roles in agriculture will only increase going forward.Read More

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Agritechnology and the Dairy Cattle Industry: Milking it for Everything its Worth

Dairy cattle technology offers the same key benefits as all other precision agriculture technologies:

Savings and Increased Yields.

Precision agriculture has proven itself when it comes to saving time and energy for the farmer, and increasing harvests, but what about precision dairy technology? It isn’t often that dairy cattle technology is discussed, but it offers the same types of benefits as precision ag tech that’s utilized in the field. Explore the advantages of technology used in the dairy industry below.Read More

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Don Harden Talks History and AgriFacts in Florida Forestry

Explore the economic contributions of the Florida forestry industry.

In my latest column in Central Florida Ag News, I discussed the impressive contributions of the Florida forestry industry to the state’s economy. The U.S. forestry industry took a hit with the collapse of the housing industry in 2008, but the Florida forestry industry has bounced back in a big way. The statistics to prove it are found in the report: Economic Contributions of the Forest Industry and Forest-based Recreation in Florida in 2016, released by UF/IFAS. I have a lot of experience in land purchasing and forestry management, so I was pleased to read about the industry’s rebound and continued growth in Florida. See highlights from the report below so you can toot the Florida forestry industry’s horn, too.Read More

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Don Harden Column: Precision Ag and Technology

Explore the details of precision ag and technology, especially when it comes to the financial savings.

In my latest column in Central Florida Ag News, I discussed precision ag and technology. Truly, you’d be hard-pressed to work in ag and not have heard of precision agriculture. It’s a topic that is all over ag news, from the latest piece of technology to a review of the benefits of precision ag. One benefit that is always mentioned is the potential for savings and increased profits. However, you might wonder exactly what those look like. The exact savings and profits that precision ag and technology might deliver will depend upon your operation, your crop, and the precision ag tech you’re using, but I will share some general numbers from research AgAmerica collected for a report on precision ag. See the details below.
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